Blizzard Weighs In On The Butcher Issues

Briefly: Blizzard has weighed in on the two issues players have had with The Butcher since he dropped into Heroes of the Storm last week. It confirmed that his unstoppable charge move is bugged "and will be fixed with an upcoming patch". As for his gameplay balance, they said he is "nowhere near underpowered or overpowered".


    I play the butcher, He seems fine to me :)

    Do you have a source or do we just take your word for it?

    He has his pros and cons....can easily be singled out while charging. If you can keep him away from constantly getting 25/35 stacks, that helps alot.
    I've got master butcher, he only seems overpowered to people if he constantly has stacks and isn't the first dps to die.

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