Bloodborne Statues Are Terrifying, Beautiful, Broken, Haunting, Everything

I always wondered if I was the only person who noticed: Bloodborne is packed with weird, strange looking statues. Reddit user TrippyTheo noticed, but he took it a step further, and took in-game photographs of every statue he could find. The end results are truly incredible.

The photographs themselves are well taken and look great, but what really blew me away about these photographs is how legitimate and real these statues are. They don't feel like statues quickly drawn and designed for the purposes of filling space, they look like pieces of genuine artwork that have been designed, thought about and built for the purposes of adding depth to the Bloodborne universe. Each looks like a strange work of art.

I think, it its own way, each statue contributes to the overwhelming atmosphere that exists in Bloodborne. It's such a dense environment, packed with visual, environmental story telling. It may sound bizarre, but these photographs have genuinely added a new layer to my enjoyment of Bloodborne.

I've selected a few of my favourites for the purposes of this post, but you can check out all 47 pics here. Well worth a gander.


    The statues lining the entranceway of Vicar Amelia's church freaked me out.
    Those huge Cthulhu looking statues was my first indication that something was seriously off. (Beyond everything else you see)

      Right? Later in the game everything gets SUPER WEIRD but the Amygdala statues in the cathedral are the first glimpse of it you get until after Rom. I didn't notice them on the way in but on the way out I was like 'oh god wtf'.

    More bloodborne, more!!

    Definitely the best art direction I've seen in a game in a long long time. I need more bloodborne!

    I loved those statues that it looked like people were melted into the walls trying to run away.

    I also like that someone uses all these statues to hold candles. Lighting all the candles in the world of Bloodborne would be a tough job

    I think what's creepiest about these statues they have everywhere are that they show people in states of despair, pain, or transformation into hideous abberations.

    Why do people normally craft statues? To depict a story (rare in Bloodborne), or to express some kind of reverence or appreciation for something. To my mind, endless rows of statues to cowled, weeping women is... more than just a little fucked up.

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