Bloodborne's Story Explained In 11 Minutes

Bloodborne's story is um... kinda non-existent unless you go searching for it.

That search tends to involve reading item descriptions, reading into the game's architecture, its environments. Can't be bothered doing that? Watch this 11 minute video instead.

It's full of details I hadn't noticed, mainly because I was too busy trying to not die against the Shadows of Yarnham for the 50th time in a row.

Australian VaatiVidya is behind it. He's done a longer, more indulgent version of this video before, but this is a far more concise attempt at unraveling the secrets of Bloodborne. His previous attempt was 30 minutes long. Ain't nobody got time for that!



    Finally got my 100% trophy the other day. I was a guy then a squid, then probably a kid and a squid. Still my GOTY!

    Same got mine yesterday, felt very accomplished :)
    Easily GOTlastcoupleofY's for me.

    Interesting side note, there is a thread going atm on vaati on r/bloodborne.

    I have bought this up before in reference mainly to the big bloodborne lore piece he did but may have not exactly articulated my argument well.

    The video in the thread can draw a long bow from time to time but there is enough in it to cast doubt on the originality of the content.

    Though I wont deny his production values are pretty high class.

      Any suggestions for a loser stuck on the &(*&@#$ watchdog on level 2 of the defiled chalice?

        Oh hey @batguy :) Yep, dodge and hit, dodge and hit :)
        Getting greedy is what kills you on this fight.

        When he lifts his left arm dodge in and under the swing then hit his arm with a 2h r1 and retreat
        Do the same for his right arm.
        eventually you will damage them enough that they take extra dmg.

        In second phase you will have to hit O twice on these dodges.

        Otherwise avoid him unless he is doing his lava spew, wail on him then.

        Keep medium distance to avoid him charging, also keep in mind that he shakes his head before he does, immediately start dodging left even if it just turns out its the flame bark.

        Its just paitience and working out his tells, dont get greedy.

        Also this probably took me about 30-40 tries so dont give up.

        When you get to amygdala, just stay under him till he jumps, dont move and charge up an r2 stagger, rinse and repeat till last phase when you will just have to stay behind and wail on his back.

        I struggled with pthumerian descendant too, that fightbis all about parries, harsh fight.

        Also this assumes your not using a weird bloodtinge or arc build.
        If so its more or less the same as far as i know, you will just get to fight at range easier towardthe end of the fights.

        Hope this helps, I'm also happy to co-op on weekend if you want some help.

        Last edited 08/07/15 7:19 pm

          Thanks for the detailed response! I've sorta been doing some of those things already, can usually get him about halfway, but I'll persist and see how I go.

          Wasn't too worried about the prospect of Amygdala given that I beat it first go in the main game with that exact approach (knowing nothing in advance - it's just the natural approach for a hunter's axe wielder). But good to know that it should be effective again.

          I'm going to try and solo the boss given that I've done so for everything else, but I'll consider the offer if I get too badly stuck. I watched some co-op videos and it seems almost comically easy given that it can only really attack in one direction at a time.

          Done. Patiently attacking the head with the burial blade was the winning strategy. Barely raised a sweat!

            Only 2 CDs to go, have fun with pthumerian descendant....
            He is like gascoigne on speed :)

              Good thing I've played enough of this silly game that I know how to parry now! Of the remaining bosses, Amygdala was probably the toughest.

              Thanks for the advice, platinumed it a short while ago.


    Don;t have time to watch right now, but how does this differ to Vaati's first video of the same title (minus the 'in 11 minutes' part)?

    Also,wonder how this compares to The Paleblood Hunt, as I found that to be way more accurate and detailed than Vaati's first video (albeit it's not a video, and is some 90 pages long).

      Its not as in depth as his previous video and nowhere near as imformative as the paleblood hunt, which has contributed tobthe latest controversy with his videos. See my reddit link in above comment.

      He is still entertainingvin his delivery though.

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