Brand New Street Fighter Character Shown Off At EVO

Brand New Street Fighter Character Shown Off At EVO

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Capcom artist's two favourite things were Khal Drogo and Encino Man? This is what would happen.

EVO 2015 isn't just for fighting, it's also for promo work, and Capcom took the opportunity tonight to show off a brand new Street Fighter character who'll be appearing in Street Fighter V.

Nobody is quite sure how to spell the guy's name yet: I've seen variations of Nacalli, Necalli and Nakali so far. Capcom's official PR should clear that up, whenever it hits.

(thanks SupaAyshun for the speedy upload!)


    Finally, it's Woolies time to shine.

      Hopefully there is a green variant. Woolie would loose his shit.

      I could see him using it for the dreads, but at the same time I could see Pat liking the character because he's got a lot of throws and gets to be a angry red head for his supers

      Cue maxamillion dood wanting to do a boss rage with this woolie/azrael from blaz blue fusion with this quote: "due to the demand of blazblue wanting to be played on their friday night fisticuffs, with best friends play's habit of not wanting to do it, someone at capcom decided to fuse woolie with a pet hate of his: a character from blazblue and gave us this monster, with the hair of woolie and personality of azrael, capcom did arcsys a favour of getting 1 of their fighting game characters fused with 1 of their haters & making the rest of the best friends try to play blazblue"

    Similar moves to Abel?

      there's definitely some wolverine in there - the multiple slashing while opponent is against the wall followed by and x shaped double slash.

      Last edited 20/07/15 4:19 pm

    Playstation blog confirms the spelling to be Necalli.

    1. The picture used in this article makes him look like Akuma with long hair
    2. Someone at Capcom finally saw JoJo's bizaar adventure and had a character idea

      3. Someone at capcom played blazblu and were astonished by azrael, so they made their own version

        4. I so look forward to either grinding for a year to earn enough coins to buy the character... Or just pay the $40 extortion in real cash to get a season pass style pack. /sarcasm

    Man, the encode on that video was awful. I guess there were some pixelated artifacts fighting some other pixelated artifacts?

    So what I got from that was there's a guy whose head is an octopus until he goes Super Saiyan and turns into a sea anemone?

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