Bronwyn Bishop Just Got Her Very Own Video Game

In politics only one thing is certain: if you screw up someone is going to create a video game about it. Tony Abbott knows it, Joe Hockey knows it, and Bronwyn Bishop is about to bear the brunt of another quickly made flash game highlighting one unavoidable fact: she screwed up.

This is 'Bronnycopter', a Flappy Bird clone that attempts to satirise Bronwyn Bishop's use of Helicopters in what amounts to a ludicrous misuse of funds, taking a $5227 helicopter ride from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser.

It doesn't do the best job. I much preferred this Stop The Boats game released last year. And I honestly believe Bronwyn herself did a far better job of taking the piss out of herself, when she changed her Facebook cover image to this:

I mean seriously. How can that be anything other than a joke? This can't be real life, can it?


    Oh great, can't wait for the fun police to show up for this article. You know we can't enjoy a good political joke here without somebody taking it to heart.

    Last edited 29/07/15 2:32 pm

      We need to have our fun quickly then!
      Let's ask the commentators of Kotaku, what ridiculous task would you do with a taxpayer funded helicopter? I'll start.

      I would use it to mow my lawn.

        Sell it and buy Hockey.

        I've always wanted my own Treasurer. Come at me Joe!!

        Last edited 29/07/15 2:43 pm

          Not that we'd ever imply that our treasurer is for sale.

        Id take the kids to school...........its like a 100m walk their and back, who has time for that??

        Tourist flights. Then I'd claim all of my business expenses as travel expenses. 100% profit and everyone wins, except for the plebeians (but who cares about them).

        Use it as a launching platform for a fleet of miniature F35 RC Planes. I'd fly to Tony's house and crash them one by one into his walls.

      that would be reserved for the adam goodes video game, which you know is just around the corner

      I've found pretty much every Bronny-joke quite amusing. I usually get tired very quickly of the Memes that start from a politician doing something stupid. These ones are all very good.

    i swear between her and mick fannings meeting with a white pointer last last weekend the internet has been a fucking great place to be on

      Why no Punchout immitator with Mick fanning vs shark yet???

    I don't understand why running into Tony Abbott ends the flight, shouldn't he be providing a distraction that increases my score by $90,000?

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