Clever Video Lets You Soar The Skies Of Warcraft

Clever Video Lets You Soar The Skies Of Warcraft

We’re not getting a Warcraft trailer until November, but Legendary Pictures has released the movie’s Comic-Con VR teaser, letting you soar through Azeroth in your browser. It’s awesome.

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but by dragging your mouse around the YouTube player, you’re able to look around and see the city of Stormwind on the back of a gryphon.

(Note: This really only works if you’re viewing it through Chrome. It looks busted and broken on any other browser. So if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, that might be your issue.)


  • The layout is quite different to how it is in WoW, but I really love these 360 degree videos and this one was pretty great.

    • Stormwind was laid to waste by the first Orc horde, Lothar led them to Lordaeron and they did not reclaim Stormwind until the 2nd war, so I assume we will see it get destroyed in this film seeing as it is based in this time period.

    • makes sense, this movies set during wc1 era. Stormwind got leveled and rebuilt after this. Which is where the whole stonemason/van cleef storyline in world of warcraft came from.

      • @stoob and @dirtnasty: Good point. I thought I remembered a while back during the Van Cleef storylines that the stonemasons used the original city plans when they reconstructed it after its destruction at the end of WC1. Maybe I’m misremembering that though. There’s also the fact that the representation of the city in the game is necessarily small and not necessarily laid out the way they’d do it if it were real.

        • I respect your adherence to canon, but isn’t Warcraft full of retcons every time they jump up a game or book or comic?

          • In modern Warcraft this is defiantly the case, but this film is set in such early lore that isn;t as well defined, however im sure Metzen and co will do as much as they can to ruin this too.

          • There’s only been a few lore slip ups of any real note, the main one being the origin of the Draenei and how Sargeras became corrupted.

  • Doesn’t work for me on Chrome OR Firefox. Is the something I am missing? Like a plugin or a version of sed Chrome browser?

    • Ah.. Chrome for Mac doesn’t play well with it.
      Tried it on Chrome for PC at home, had no issues

  • Worked perfectly for me in firefox, yay for not having to install and then uninstall Chrome just for one thing.

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