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Rocket League is the game all the cool kids are talking about.

Are you a cool kid? Are you

I've played a little bit of Rocket League and one thing is for sure: I want to be playing more Rocket League. I need to be playing more Rocket League. Because Rocket League is the best.

That is my expert opinion.

In a month that's supposed to be about playing catch-up, reducing piles of shame, Rocket League has come along and just ruined all of that. Sorry Batman, sorry Geralt. Back of the line. I've only got a spare 15 minutes and I'm playing Rocket League.

The high concept is glorious: cars playing soccer basically. But the real beauty of this game is in the execution. Everything feels smooth in Rocket League, everything feels polished, every movement is rewarding. And scoring a goal in this game? It's just the best. This game is the best.

My favourite part of Rocket League: its accessibility. There are no rules to learn really, no complicated controls. This truly is one of those rare beats: easy to learn, difficult to master. There is potential for Rocket League as a competitive endeavour, but the skill cap increases in interesting way. It's about your positioning, team work, your timing, your understanding of the game itself. In a strange way it might be one of the most accurate soccer simulations ever created.

Rocket League is currently free for those of you on PlayStation Plus. Seriously, you should be playing this game.

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    I'm surprised how addicted and how much fun I have with the game. I even made a playlist.

      I watched all of these. Really keen to try it, but don't have a PS4 or cash. It must be a great game based on how many matches I've watched. As a general rule, I consider watching other people play games the most boring thing in the world, but watching a good game in RL is a different beast.

        Free on PS4 if you subscribe to PS+

    I am not a cool kid. I've seen the cool kids play it, and am too shy to go over and join them. As such, I have not played it yet.

      You definitely should at least give it a try. I didn't think I was interested in playing but I tried it and am absolutely loving it! And this is from a guy who don't like soccer or cars!

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      You should come join us! It's a lot of fun, and we mostly laugh at me missing the ball 4/5 times!

    Seems Kotaku writers really enjoy this game.. I've not bothered to check it out. I have no time to play every game that comes along.. even ones that Kotaku write a dozen articles about per week :) hehe..

      I don't have time to play every game that comes along either. Know why? Because I'm playing Rocket League, that's why.

      [Seriously though, it may seem like a media overload talking about the game, but it's not because of some clandestine, paid-for, advertising scheme....... It just really is one of those rare games which is just downright so much fun to play all on it's own].

      If you only have time to play one game a month. This month, that one game should be Rocket League....


      It's free on PS+ atm, hence why it's getting a lot of coverage.

      It's also awesome.

        It's awesome, hence why it's getting a lot of coverage.
        It's also free on PS+ atm

        FTFY ;-)

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    Mark you need to jump on when we get rockeTAY League, the game is the best played with friends with open mics

      Agreed, 2vs2 in party chat was fantastic, but 3vs3 in party chat even better - co-ordinating attacks and defence is just brilliant

      Now, if I have a 4th person available online when I am, it would be even better, because 4 on 4 is chaos with no co-ordination

      Is there a way to open up a party chat when you are in a public game? I can't seem to figure it out, or do you have to be friends with them on PSN. I only have a few friends on PSN, none of which have downloaded this game yet :,(

    I've played a bit of single player and really enjoyed it. Struggling to organize a time with enough friends online at once to really try the multiplyer. Hopefully this week sometime!

    And yeah, if you've got PS+ and haven't grabbed it yet, make sure you do so - I think the PS+ games get cycled through next week, so it'll be gone after that.

      Note: Even if you only currently have a PS3, make sure you 'purchase' the game in your PS+ list, so it will add it to your library for if/when you do get a PS4

      EDIT: Also, Braaains, even if its with random matchups, online multiplayer is orders of magnitude better than even the best single player. I'd recommend playing some even if your friends aren't available. Loads of fun.

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    Nah, I'm fine, thanks.

    *plays more Witcher 3*

    Guys! This game is great. Such a great equaliser because no matter how awesome you think you are, you're still going to completely miss the ball at some point.

    I actually played the tutorial last night and it really helped. You can fly! Who'd a thought that a tutorial would teach me stuff. Doh.

    Lots of fun.

    This game was a shotgun purchase for me because of all the buzz surrounding it. I thought I might as well give it a go because, with the Internet exploding over it, how bad could it be?

    Well let me tell all of you pasty white bastards something; this game is incredible. It's skill defined. It seems like a ridiculous, "let's hit a ball with rocket powered vehicles", and it very much is, but the skill cap involved with this game is astounding. Every move you make as a player has an impact on the game and that makes it incredibly engaging.

    I love this game with all of the rocket powered ball striking love I can conjure.

    It's fantastic.

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    Really great game, I am hopelessly addicted. However I am at the stage where playing by myself is very limiting... there is only so much you can do without proper team mates & communication.

    This is an very enjoyable game with a team of friends, not so much with Public Players.

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    Yeah I downloaded it on a whim,

    BEST IMPULSE PURCHASE EVER !!! (and not only for the fact it was free)

    10/10 would make an ass of myself by scoring an own goal in my first online match again.

    I have been simultaneously playing this on PS4 and PC just so I can play it in more rooms in my house. If it was on PSVita too I could play it in that big room outside my house.

    Please someone work out how to make this into a real world sport.

      Could always remote play your PS4 with your Vita ;-)

    Yeah, I have to agree. It's the Sensible Soccer of this generation - even people who hate sporty titles like myself can get on board. The controls are so intuitive that you feel like you really meld into your car. So easy to get the hang of, but there's copious amounts of depth in regards to multiplayer - it really could keep you coming back forever. And I LOVE the fact that it's put a real emphasis on split-screen multiplayer - my brother and I have had so many laughs this week, screaming at the screen and the like.

    I love this game so much. It is truly the rare game that comes out of relatively nowhere, and actually warrants all the attention it's being given.

    Definitely the best game of this generation so far - no hyperbole here.

      "It's the Sensible Soccer of this generation"

      Box quote right there.

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    I've sunk nearly 20+ hours into the game and I am only scratching the surface. Easily one of the only games that has made me feel giddy IMMEDIATELY after playing my first game and made me want to play more of it straight away.

    Have a look at the shenanigans my brothers and I got up to:

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