Destiny Fans, Here’s Your Christmas Present

Destiny Fans, Here’s Your Christmas Present

For such a gorgeous game, it’s weird that there hasn’t been more Destiny stuff available. 3A is making it worth the wait, though, as their upcoming Titan figure looks shit hot.

Going on sale next week (and in very limited quantities), it will cost $US190. At 1/6 scale (12.6 inches tall), it comes with four weapons, two hands and an actual cloth undersuit.

I’m out of the Destiny Cult, having fled half-naked into the woods at level 26, but…I was a Titan. And this looks very cool…


  • 3A toys quality is excellent. Have a few of their stuff, Atom, Portal figures, Metal Gears. Top quality.

  • Tempting … but it’s not my titan. On the other hand, as a lowly xbox scrub this is the closest I’d probably ever get to holding a hawkmoon

  • If it was a Warlock I would be tempted – I find it a missed opportunity Bungie don’t let us order 3D printed versions of our Guardians

  • Not even close to what my Titan looks like…

    I wonder if we’ll start seeing random figures for other big name games where you create a character. Fallout 4 maybe?

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