Destiny Has A Cool Little Reward For Its Most Dedicated Players

Destiny Has A Cool Little Reward For Its Most Dedicated Players

Today, Bungie announced plans to add a new reward to Destiny, a video game in which Kirk and I just got to Mercury.

This one's interesting: anyone who has pulled off 10 of Destiny's most iconic tasks — like beating Crota's End on hard or doing tons of public events — will get access to a unique year-one emblem that Bungie says will never be available again after this. It's only for Destiny's most dedicated current players. It's slick too:

Destiny Has A Cool Little Reward For Its Most Dedicated Players

To get this emblem — which, like other emblems, has no tangible benefits and is just there for aesthetics and bragging rights — you'll have to complete a number of tasks that Bungie is calling "triumphs." You have to finish them all before September 9 for a shot at the emblem. (You can check your progress at Bungie's site here.)

Here's the full list of tasks:

  1. Reach max level

  2. Beat the Black Garden mission

  3. Prevent the summoning of Crota's soul (finish The Dark Below's story missions)

  4. Capture Skolas (finish House of Wolves' story missions)

  5. Beat Skolas in the Prison of Elders

  6. Beat Atheon on hard difficulty

  7. Beat Crota on hard difficulty

  8. Finish 50 public events

  9. Win 100 crucible matches

  10. Get all 20 golden chests (five per planet)

Most dedicated players have likely already finished all of those, except for #10, because golden chests are useless trash and there was never any reason to get them before now, but hey, that emblem's pretty goddamned slick.

The only problem will be having to rotate between this and the other emblems we want to show off, like a certain prize you get from a certain flawless Trials of Osiris run. Free suggestion for Destiny 2, Bungie: let players wear multiple emblems at once.


    Hmmm...... on one hand bragging rights. On the other soul crushing grinding to get this done. Hmm...

      There shouldn't be any grinding if you've played much destiny. I am definitely a sub-par gamer and I've already got 8 of the 10 just from hours I've already put in. Just need to find some golden chests, and beat Skolas in the next two months.

        Yeah, but 100 crucible matches? No, sorry, that's 100 wins, so probably much more than 100. Screw that noise. Hate PVP.

          Hate PvP too. I've actually got that one, God knows how. Hadn't realised I'd played 100 matches total. Bear in mind that it's match wins, not personal wins so you can do control or clash and still win the game even if you're shit so long as the other players are good.

          People on the forums found out that the crucible wins section is worded incorrectly. You only need 100 kills/assists which is not as bad.

    Wait ... Destiny is still a thing?

      Didnt you see the amazing awesome redbull cross promotion???

      And 10 months later, bitching about Destiny is still a thing.

      See, to me, that's kind of sad. But everyone has fun their own way I guess.

    A new emblem? Let me get my wallet so I can throw my money at the screen

    I've done everything but beat Crota and Skolas on hard.
    Don't think I can be bothered though.

    AN emblem.
    Said nobody ever

      You have got to remember this is the generation that got sucked in by achievements and gamer scores, so it's really not that shocking.

    eh, I couldn't be arsed for this considering it'd only be visible to other people when they inspect me or are waiting for something to load

    HAHAHAHA. Bungie has got to be fucking kidding. These guys have a grave that's almost breaking the crust.

    Legit here I was, reading the title, thinking "oh sweet! This is that thing that Bungie said they'd give loyal players after all the DLC backlash!" .... fucking emblem.

    Last edited 08/07/15 9:49 am

    Destiny Has A Cool Little Reward For Its Most Dedicated Players

    Little Reward - Yes
    Cool Reward - No
    Most Dedicated Players - No

    Title is all sorts of NO.

    You can only imagine the types of meetings that spawn these kinds of ridiculous ideas and the executives who think they've just shat the literal gold that will allow them to buy another Maserati, or that condo they've had their eye on, or more likely another key of coke... coz really that's about the only way anyone could think of this as a successful ploy to get people's money.

    If this was just something the game did from day one I don't think anyone would mind. It's a crappy reward but it makes sense. I'd expect them to add Emblems to Grimoire scores at some point too.
    Plus it's better than the alternative of locking off something good in a game that's already skin and bones. Imagine if you had to do all this to get to a good weapon, a nice shader or access to an area that could have been better utilised by putting a mission or event there. Those are good rewards but the game isn't so full of good stuff that it can afford to lock it off.

    Its almost as if Bungie's management sit in a room all day thinking up ways to make people hate them even more.

    I've have all of these completed! Not that I switch emblems that often.

    Crota on hard is exceptionally easy with 3 or more people that are over level 33 light and have tracking rocket launchers.

    if you can run the sword in normal you can run it on hard just as easily at that level and over level 33 it only takes two swords to kill him which would be before ogre's come out making the fight that much easier to manage.

    give it a go.

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