Don't Celebrate A Tournament Win Until You've Actually Won

Don't Celebrate A Tournament Win Until You've Actually Won

After losing the first round during a best-of-three semi-finals match against one of the best Guilty Gear Xrd Sign players in the world, Woshige pulled off a massive comeback to take the second. Then he turned to the crowd to celebrate. Whoops.

Never turn your back on the competition, especially if the competition is Ogawa, often referred to as the "God of Guilty Gear", and certainly not when there's still one round left in the match. Despite his godhood, Ogawa doesn't think twice about using his Zato to beat the living shit out of an unmanned Milla, and by the time Woshige realised his mistake it was all over.

Check out the replay below, courtesy of RoBoT SheKeiB (via Destructoid).

Still he did manage to pull off a brief upset against a player widely considered the best in the world with the entire EVO audience watching. If that's not worth celebrating at the proper time, I don't know what is.

Tournament result spoilers follow.

You have been warned.

Defeated by Ogawa in the winner's semi-finals, Woshige managed to pull it back together enough to advance to the loser's final for Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, losing to Nage but securing third place in the tourney. Nage's opponent in the grand final was Ogawa himself, who once again earned his godly title, walking away the winner of the EVO 2015 Guity Gear Xrd Sign tournament.

Check out our EVO post to catch all the final day action.


    Cant take this seriously with commentary like that - just persistent yelling to the point where its all distorted

      On the contrary, the louder and more incoherently people are yelling, the *more* seriously I take it :-P

    Wow, that's just an example of all-round terrible sportsmanship: the carry on when he thought he'd won, the fight against an absent competitor, the carry on when the other guy actually won... and then I thought Ogawa was at least going over to shake his hand... nope, just unplugging his fighting stick.

    Last edited 20/07/15 2:28 pm

      But really now, take e-sports seriously.

        Despite the same teams and the same sponsors being involved, the fighting game community likes to think there is a huge wall of separation between them and eSports.

        The mere mention of eSports will invite sarcastic golf clapping, which says it all.

          I thought e-sports was a more general term for all competitions.

            To outsiders, yes. To people within the FGC, hell no. They take a certain amount of pride from being unruly. They take cues from pro wrestling, not pro sports.

            At the end of the day, it makes no real difference.

      Yeah man, i was thinking the exact same thing... my god...

    What a complete lack of sportsmanship.

    Sadly, this kind of unsportsmanship-like behaviour happens in physical sports or Olympics as well :(

    "What are you standing up for?" Lol'd so hard when this happened live. Nothing unsportmanship-like about it. Competition is about exploiting weaknesses and if you're going to stand up early your going to get bodied. After this "The Real Stand-up Guy" Woshige was a crowd favourite just gutted Nage took him out preventing the runback.

    before we start lampooning people for lack of sportsmanship (welp, too late) I think it's important to make note that stepping away to celebrate victory per-maturely is probably worse then just continuing the match as intended, and while I agree it would have been much more honorable to wait for the other player to return, I think it's more just a lack of exceptional sportsmanship then decidedly poor sportsmanship.

    Unsportsmanslike to kick his arse?
    So if this was a sport, lets say football, the guy with the ball starts running and thinks he scores, drops the ball and starts celebrating but he hasn't actually made it to the goal, should the other team wait for him to realise his mistake or pick the ball up and run back and slam it in the other end?

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