Dragon Ball’s Old Safety Specials Are The Best

Dragon Ball’s Old Safety Specials Are The Best

Did you know that Goku is pretty much a certified firefighter?

Hell, did you know that Goku is qualified to talk to you about proper safety techniques when it comes to traffic laws and handling fire? I sure didn’t.

Last weekend, I was shown two classic Dragon Ball safety specials by a friend, and while these aren’t new, they’re so hilarious that I felt I needed to share them with you guys.

First, here’s a short on Goku’s fire brigade, which is composed of Master Roshi, Yamcha, and Krillin:

Those kids become real sticklers about fire safety by the end there, geez. What if I want to set a garbage can on fire sometimes, huh? I also had no idea that Goku saved Bulma from a fire once!

And here’s Goku’s traffic safety, which is the goofier short of the two:

Goes to show: you can’t just disobey the rules even if you’re Goku. My favourite part is the Bulma side-story, though. Dragon Ball Super just aired an episode in which Goku is late as hell to Bulma’s birthday party, and judging by this short, it’s something he’s struggled with all his life. But I particularly love the last bit, where everyone feels ready to kill Goku:

Dragon Ball’s Old Safety Specials Are The Best

Amazing. I’m still not convinced Goku is the best spokesperson for safety, but that’s exactly what makes these videos so funny to me.


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