This EA Sports UFC McGregor vs Mendes Simulation Seems A Bit Hokey

This EA Sports UFC McGregor vs Mendes Simulation Seems A Bit Hokey

We’ve already written extensively about this weekend’s fight between Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes. It’s a massive, massive fight and is expected to break records, but the UFC has a favourite. I think its bias is showing through in this EA Sports UFC prediction video.

Some background: this fight was supposed to be Conor McGregor against the current UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, but Aldo received a rib injury and couldn’t compete. This cost the UFC a lot of money.

Chad Mendes is a last minute replacement for Aldo and is for the interim title. This essentially guarantees that the winner will be next in line to face off against Jose Aldo when he recovers.

The UFC is taking a big financial risk with this fight.

Conor McGregor is the UFC’s golden goose. He’s a flashy, striking genius and his charisma levels are through the roof. McGregor is in the process of becoming a mainstream superstar and a potential title fight with Jose Aldo will make everyone a lot of money.

The problem: Chad Mendes. Most believe that Chad Mendes is a terrible match-up for McGregor, perhaps an even more difficult match up than Jose Aldo, the champion. McGregor has never faced off against a fighter with high-level wrestling — many believe it’s his major weakness as a fighter. Chad Mendes is the best wrestler in the division.

Long story short: the UFC really, really needs McGregor to win this fight. And it shows, even in this EA Sports UFC prediction video.

In the game, Conor McGregor — included in the game before his recent incredible performances — has a lower rating than Mendes. But, in the prediction video, is shown dominating Chad. Is this wishful thinking? Is it a case of styles making fights in the game? Possibly.

Maybe I’ve got my tin foil hat on, but it really feels like a reflection of the UFC’s need/want for McGregor to win this fight handily, raising the stakes even further for a championship bout with Jose Aldo.

For the record — as a huge fan of the UFC and MMA, and as someone who has been painstakingly following the minutiae of this fight — I have McGregor winning. But in the video game? The rankings as they are? I have a hard time believing McGregor won in a simulation.


  • Sports bet is paying $2.40 for a Mendes win.

    Mendes has better wins, more experience, better loses (only to Aldo), he’s KO’d higher ranking opponents, his wrestling pedigree is elite and has been used to takedown some of the best counter-wrestlers in MMA history (even Aldo needs to grab the fence!).

    Conor has a height advantage, maybe the better striking (he looks flash, but he hasn’t KO’d anyone that Chad wouldn’t) and an insane hype train. He has no wrestling background, has never fought even a “good” wrestler but he has been submitted twice on the UK regional scene.

    Honestly, short of the UFC fixing the fight (they’ve got an inappropriate amount invested in a single outcome here) I don’t see how anyone can rationally explain Conor being a massive favourite. It’s bizarre, and video’s like the one above show exactly why it’s happening.

    • Have you heard of the …… HYPE TRAIN?!

      The UFC is one big HYPE Engine and they will make you think what they want

      Now – I really want Conor to win but it will be the toughest wrestler he’s ever faced. But if Mendes takes this out that leads up to ANOTHER Mendes/Aldo… Mendes can’t find the answers for him.
      Maybe Conor would for Aldo…

      Meh styles make fights and it should be a good fight anyway!

      • Don’t disagree with any of that.

        It doesn’t excuse the stupidity of people putting money on McGregor to win when he’s paying $1.40.

        If he shot doesn’t land a big shot straight away, how does he deal when Mendes gets in on his hips? How does he deal if Mendes gets on his back? How will his cardio hold up against a guy who’s going to wrestle and pressure him? How’s his chin going to hold up against Mendes’ power?
        Mendes is known quantities in all areas, Conor is elite striking, question marks, talk and blind faith. If he’s not elite, and I mean f*cking super high level elite, in any of those areas then it’s going to present paths to victory for Chad that extend beyond “Conor is going to flying knee him because he’s tall”.

        Aldo vs McGregor would have been off the chart. Mendes (and Frankie Edgar) are worse matchups for McGregor.

  • I’m not a sports guy but two dudes jostling in a ring with practically no clothes sounds like the setup to a lot of ‘movies’ I like so if EA (or even UFC) ever wanted to expand their market for sport games to capture the ‘me’ demographic, I’ve got a slew of suggestions. Suggestion one: cool hats. Suggestion two: Tanning chatum… no wait. Tatum channing? … Chanting Titties in thick bulky ski outfits. Suggestion three: lip discs.

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