Excited About Upcoming 3DS Game Monster Hunter X?

Video: Excited about upcoming 3DS game Monster Hunter X? Well, check out well over 20 minutes of gameplay footage. Monster Hunter X has been announced for Japan, but no word yet of a Western release.


    We'll get this, capcom needs the money.

    Normally I'd be cynical about a "greatest hits remix", but this will be pretty damned cool with the mh4 mechanics!

    But I really would prefer a Wii u port.

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      You nailed it! MH4U really surprised me, I thought it would just be a clone of MH3U but its refined and enjoyable. About 100 hours in so far.

      Really saddened they didn't do a Wii-U version this time though, I barely played MH3U on the 3DS. Don't have much choice this time.

    MH4U is still my game of the year, they have been refining the game for years and it really shows now in MHX, I still have so much content left in MH4U not to mention the "MONTHLY" DLC they bring out with new quests, monsters, armor/weapons and challanges. Super excited for this, however like all Monster Hunters we will most likely get it next year around February I wonder if ours will be called MHXU?

    If they're starting to put in mechanics from MH:FO maybe we'll start seeing some actually Frontier stuff coming to the west?

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