Far Cry 4's World Is Fire And Blood With Mad Max Maps

Far Cry 4's World Is Fire And Blood With Mad Max Maps

Far Cry 4 has a very cool map editor. Mad Max is a very cool movie. Both feature shitty old cars. You know where this is going.

This custom Future Dead Australia map for the game isn't some elaborate mod; it's just a map, so you can download it (these vids are from PS4), take advantage of Far Cry 4's existing range of beat-up old cars and have at it like you're the Road Warrior himself.


    A better video that shows the entire process on how to get it etc... - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtHi5_Oa1HM

    This presents why I'm worried about the Mad Max game. Mad Max movies don't have vehicle-mounted weaponry, apart from sharp pointy bits.

    The Mad Max game shows a lot of car combat from the back view of the car, but all of the vehicular destruction (except the ramming) in Mad Max films, are caused by individuals.

    This mod gets it; the driver is causing the destruction. I'd much prefer a Mad Max game where the driving was first-person.

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      The Mad Max game does still give you the option to drive in first person, and you can use Max's shotgun while driving.

      I'd say given the right parts on your car, ramming and tearing the other cars up will probably a quicker and more effective way to deal with the vehicular combat in the Mad Max game, but who knows. We'll have to wait until it's out to see.

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      Mad max 2 had vehicle mounted weaponry, admittedly it was just dart guns but still, also I seem to remember that one of the vehicles in fury road had a machine gun mounted on its back.

    It'd be pretty well primed for being a mod, though... weight a much higher percentage of the machete-users, re-skin them to be war-boyz. Get some Aussies to record new barks. "WITNESS ME!" etc.

    "Both feature shitty old cars"
    Excuse me? Pretty sure Fury Road Included zero "shitty old cars" they may have wrecked some Old cars but in the movie they are far from "shitty"

    Ahem.. Mad Max DOES NOT have shitty cars

    If Australia. Steering wheel on wrong side.

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