First Good Look At The New Gundam Anime

First Good Look at the New Gundam Anime

It's called Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. According to the official site, the will broadcast starting this October in Japan.

Well, what do you think? Do you like the art design? The shirtless mecha piloting?


    Quick facts from the announcement stream.

    *The main character is Mikazuki Augus, secondary protagonist by the name of Orga Itsuka, Augus's friend since childhood. Bunch of other child soldiers for the supporting cast.
    *First Gundam not set on Earth. The setting is Mars 300 years after 'The Calamity War' that devastated the Earth Sphere.
    *Gundam's name is Barbatos and is from the war. The suit needs heavy repairs, but is compatible with all current Mobile Suit tech. The Gundam is slated to grow and evolve as it gains parts from defeated Mobile suits.
    *The other (green) Mobile suit is a Glaze.
    *Something about the kids being part of a paramilitary group called the CGS and an armed group called Gjallahorn combating them.
    *No word what century/era this series belongs in.

    All info subject to kinda wonky translations. No translation for names of the supporting cast, no expounding on what CGS stands for. Gleaned implication (I.E. I think?) that the CGS are going to do something/are doing something and Gjallahorn is there to stomp down anything before an insurrection spreads.

    Numerous 1/144 model kits were also shown at the reveal event, with the Barbatos and Glaze being launched first alongside an option pack (Including a shield, a lance weapon, a large cannon and a battle pod). A 1/100 Barbatos will entirely removable armor is also launching with them, presumably forwards compatible with any future option kits.

    Probable subbed release on the official youtube channel, if Gundam Build Fighters and Reconguista in G are anything to go by.

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    Why do these insist on making the main characters children all the time?

      Target audience. Gundam anime exists primarily to sell model kits and kids & teenagers are the core market for those kits.

    I hope this isn't a steaming pile of crap like the last few Gundam TV series.)

    Fingers crossed this one is decent. Build Fighters was enjoyable but only because it hit all the tropes from older Gundams and I ended up dropping Reconguista.

    In 00 and seed / seed destiny I actually cared about the characters, lets see if they can manage that again.

    They need to do something about the localisation of this series. I gave 00 a shot recently (after last watching Gundam over a decade ago) and... I couldn't do it. The production values are top notch, I'm guessing it's a word-for-word translation from the Japanese, which sounds clunky and terrible in English. Take a shot every time says 'Celestial Being' and you'll be dead in the first 10 minutes of any episode. I mean, just use pronouns, jesus.

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