Game Developers Can Be Sexy Too, You Know

Game Developers Can Be Sexy Too, You Know

For the third year running, a bunch of prominent (male) developers will be stripping off and getting sexy for a calendar, which you can hang on a wall and use as a shrine to shirtless objectification. I hope your eyeballs are ready.

The 2016 calendar will feature devs from BioWare, 343, Riot, Double-Fine, Naughty Dog and Sony. There will be glasses. There will be beards. There will be, God willing, more hairy chests. You can buy one here, with prices starting at $US19 for a physical copy.

For reference, in case you're still unsure as to the tone of this thing, up top is BioWare's Manveer Heir from last year's calendar, while below is Harmonix's Eric Pope.

Game Developers Can Be Sexy Too, You Know


    Sexiest photo ever.

      He ded. :(

    i think straight women and gay men should be somewhat offended that straight guys think this is what we find sexy

      You might be missing the point? They're all very funny, and silly, and that is what's sexy.

      Last edited 15/07/15 10:39 am

    I'd buy one just for kicks, but their Kickstarter page mentions nothing about donating some of the money for charity (which is usually why you make silly/funny calendars and why I buy them). So no dice.

    Why is the guy eating the hot dog wearing a short sleeve shirt over his woolen jumper?

    IT Crowd did it a lot better..

    That's what's all about. :) now think about that... who brings you more pleasure, the porn star who is starring in adult movie ? Admin who makes fapping possible on xHamster,, Redtube? Game developer who brings you the best feeling there is when you play new sequel to you fav. video game? I'm just saying:)

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