Give Me The Next Episode Of Life Is Strange, Dammit!

Video: I’ve tried to be patient, but can stand it no longer: Give me the next episode of Life Is Strange, dammit! Fortunately, that’s happening: Life Is Strange’s fourth episode, Dark Room, arrives July 28. Click the trailer for a glimpse at what’s beyond the recent cliffhanger.


  • Gahhhh. Getting harder and harder to not jump on this game. Planning to wait until a physical release, but all of the acclaim is making it difficult.

    Anyone else play it and can recommend it? I enjoyed the brief demo on PS4.

    • Played the releases as they have come out, and it is definitely worth playing, so far i can easily see it being one of my favourite games of the year. However, I would recommend you wait until Episode 5 comes out and just experience it all at once, because the wait between Episode 3 and 4 has been unbearable, and i feel that the wait will be much the same for episode 5. It’s not a long time to wait anyway, since Episode 5 should come out Late September

    • It really depends, though I personally enjoy it and would recommend it to friends (though I will admit there are some very stupid parts of the game). The wait for new episodes (such as this one) is torture (there’s a reason Patrick says they ‘tried to be patient’).

    • I’d do it. The wait between episodes lets you reflect on the choices you make and also lets you come to each one with a fresh mind. Playing them all at once would be a bit of an overdose in my opinion.

  • This exactly why I don’t play episodic games till the final episode is released. It isn’t hard to avoid spoilers and being able to play the game the whole way through, so I don’t forget controls (as I play so many games on different platforms) and story/characters makes things easier. Most importantly choices… I always forget what choices I make and why.

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