GTA V Mod Is Trying To Turn PC Version Into An RPG

GTA V Mod Is Trying To Turn PC Version Into An RPG

All the things you love about GTA V. All the things you love about role-playing video games. Together in one place. It's slowly happening, all thanks to a person who doesn't work at Rockstar.

GTA: RPG is the work of LogicSpawn, a modder out of the UK who's doing the hard work of adding skill trees, new contracts and dialogue interfaces to Rockstar's giant open world sandbox. You can see some of it at work in the video above.

While some of the interfaces and text are still rough and in development, it looks like LogicSpawn's work might deliver on the hopes that many GTA players had for the game's online component. While, the official version of GTA Online does have some RPG-style progression features, they're pretty shallow compared to depth of systems typically found in the genre. With GTA: RPG, PC users will be able to pick a character class, focus on specialisation and go on sidequests. If you're interested, you can grab the mod here.


    Looks kinda like a rougher version of APB

      Rougher version of APB with shitloads better gameplay. I played that thing for a day and threw up at least twice.

        The level of customisation was really good though. I played APB for a while and made most of my money off kill tunes and crazy car designs.

        It would be awesome to see that level in GTA, not holding my breath though

    The "music" to that video is fucking annoying.

    Last edited 31/07/15 1:12 pm

      That's actually KRS One, and hes regarded as one of the best rappers of all time. You don't have to like it, but talking shit makes you look like a pretentious elitist douchebag

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