GTA V On PC Gets Slower, Mod Protection Blamed

GTAV On PC Gets Slower, Mod Protection Blamed

Ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto V's latest update, Ill Gotten Gains Part 2, users on PC have found that the game's performance has taken a hit. There may be a reason for that.

The creators of the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) mods for the game claim that the performance issues are "related to the way in which Rockstar has started to introduce anti-modding protections."

"In the latest update for GTA V, Ill Gotten Gains Part 2, Rockstar Games strengthened their protections against modding introduced in the first update", they add in a Facebook post. "Included in this was a whopping 3 MB of junk code designed to confuse modders."

They claim the junk code doesn't confuse modders so much as it simply slows them down, obscuring the commands they used to access directly (to tweak game settings, etc) with a bunch of junk.

Problem being, that strengthening and "junk code" is affecting all users, slowing down the speed at which GTAV accesses its scripts (ie, the stuff that determines what happens in the game world). The LSPDFR team estimate that some scripts are taking five times longer to complete than before, resulting in sluggish framerates.

A post on Rockstar's support site raises the issue, and a rep has responded with "We have received reports of lower framerate in GTAV and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC, and we are looking into these reports now."

Which raises the question: why would Rockstar be trying to "introduce anti-modding protections"? The company said quite clearly in May that they wouldn't be targeting those using singleplayer mods, which suggests this might instead be a bungled effort to crack down on those cheating in the game's online component.

We've contacted Rockstar for further comment.


    Which raises the question: why would Rockstar be trying to “introduce anti-modding protections”? The company said quite clearly in May that they wouldn’t be targeting those using singleplayer mods, which suggests this might instead be a bungled effort to crack down on those cheating in the game’s online component.

    Because for some retarded reason the SP and online components are implemented together instead of having a separate clients for SP and online, so as a consequence any protection from online hackers and modders drips down into single player.

      which is why they lose sales from folks like me who really like GTA, but won't put up with this crap anymore. I only want a single player game that doesn't keep phoning home through three different layers of proprietary tripe (especially compared to Saints Row which has a nice easy Steamworks arrangement for drop-in co-op, which can be mostly ignored otherwise)

        I always play in offline mode (Disconnect the internet, then start the game) unless the game refuses to launch without authenticating, in that case I hit cancel after the "[USERNAME] has signed in" notification, then disconnect the internet and relaunch the game

          If you're wanting to block internet access on a exe basis use something like this:

          It's much quicker and doesn't require the whole internet to be disconnected.

          Last edited 14/07/15 1:53 pm

      It's because they monetised multiplayer; a horrible, horrible idea which always infects every aspect of the game.

      Last edited 14/07/15 12:42 pm

        I don't know about that, I personally don't want mods in multi-player. Regardless of whether online in monetized mods can unfairly tip the balance and make it unplayable.

      I wouldn't call it retarded so much as overly ambitious given their history with online components.

      On the surface the combination of SP and MP is fantastic, adding an online avatar to a cast of SP characters and seamlessly jumping between them much like the SP mode. The problem is they lack the online experience and seem incapable of keeping up with constantly changing modding community and even less capable at maintaining up to date cheating protections.

      On the other front we have some gamers who refuse to recognise that R* has never supported modding, only put up with it because it didn't affect other players.
      With every new GTA, people screamed for some form of MP feature, modding it in themselves in nearly every version.

      I'm not defending R*, they have made some fairly massive mistakes, but it seems to be a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation where multiple sides refuse to meet halfway.

        I think there was some less than laudable intent behind the decision. I have no doubt that as much as the enthusiastic devs may love the online component for its potential, a significant part of that potential is represented by MP-monetization dollar-signs.

    I wonder why the treat GTA 5 singleplayer and online the same. Could they not split them, making them essentially two different games, but for the shake of our hard drives have some assets shared such as textures, models etc. While the important stuff such as scripts and stats are separate. Keep single player modable and Multi not, doom 3 BFG was just an update of an old game and they made it so it couldn't be modded (until they released the source code some time later).

    PC Master Race my ass.

      Keep quiet peasant, you will speak when spoken to or not at all! Or better yet go back to your 30 FPS throttled games and shut it.

    PC players being punished by Rockstar... That's exactly as it should be!

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