Guild Overcomes World Of Warcraft's Hardest Raid Yet After 472 Tries

Guild Overcomes World Of Warcraft's Hardest Raid Yet After 472 Tries

"13/13," Method's Scott McMillan tweeted. And just like that, the World of Warcraft community went ballistic.

McMillan was referring to the fact that his guild defeated all 13 bosses in WoW's latest top tier raid, Hellfire Citadel, on Mythic difficulty. And they only wiped 472 times before pulling it off. (For some perspective, they wiped 325 times on Blackhand, the previous end tier boss, according to a Reddit post on the subject.) Method is one of the best guilds in the business, though, so they're no stranger to world firsts — nor to being reduced to piles of weeping ash and giant shoulder pads over and over and over in the process of figuring out how to get those world firsts.

It took weeks for Method to become the first to make mincemeat out this Mythic difficulty raid, something that hasn't since the days of WoW's Cataclysm expansion, according to Blizzard Watch. So yeah, Blizzard didn't fuck around this time.

So, how did Method do it? How did they bring drunk-on-Mythic-might Archimonde (who I affectionately refer to as Archie) to his knees? They're not telling. Not yet. They posted an image of his extremely dead body and their reactions to the big win (see the above video), but they want a few other high calibre guilds to do their own dirty work before they let the cat out of the bag. Or at least, that's how things have worked in the past with WoW progression guilds, aka top guilds that work their asses off to push the raid game forward.

For now, though, Method is basking in the glory of the moment. They have overcome the toughest challenge in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, possibly one of the toughest challenges WoW has ever seen. And after this? Well, they will probably do it again and again and again. I mean, we are talking about World of Warcraft, after all. There are mounts to be collected from between a dead giant's toes, pants as powerful as god to be farmed. Sorry, Archimonde. I doubt the next few months are gonna be particularly pleasant for you.

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    dont expect a kill vid until either paragon down him or a monthat has gone buy with no other kills

    if you didnt provide the story to go with the audio. id be seriously disgusted and concerned.

    CONGRATS METHOD!!!!! Dont expect kill videos till around the top 10-20 guilds or so have killed a particular boss. dont want to mess up the race by providing strats!

    Last edited 17/07/15 2:03 pm

    Hardest raid yet according to whom? They cleared it in 3? lockouts. That's nothing compared to some other raids.

      Yeah, Yogg no lights says hello

        Hell, that was still a challenging raid even in MoP. It was the only raid I had trouble soloing, I could even do Dragon Soul, a full expansion plus a tier later, but I couldn't properly do no lights Yogg until the 6.0 patch hit.

          yogg 25 was hard to solo only due to the fact that you cant regen sanity and sarah would just cast it on you repeatly.

          Also on topic, 472 attempts by a professional guild that been going at it 16hrs a day since mythic unlocked. its harder than Heroic 25man Lich King and Zero Lights Yogg

            The problem I had with no lights Yogg 25 wasn't the sanity (I could get through that around 70-80 no problems), it was the tentacles in phase 2 that you could only break out of with a targetless AOE attack, which only some classes have and some of the ones that do have it have them on cooldowns that aren't conducive. Past phase 2, the rest was fairly straight forward. I did get a solo completion in MoP with my brewmaster but it was only really because I got lucky.

    C'thun says hello aswell

    because World of Casualcraft has had any sense of difficluty after WOTLK.

      Which raids since Wrath have you finished on max difficulty while current tier?

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