Had Xbox Live Issues Today?

Had Xbox Live issues today? You're not alone.


    I had issues late last night. Glad to hear it's a problem on their end.

    I did have issues opening my digital content on my non-home x1. So the missus and I just played eso via discs for a few hours on our sick day.

    Ah this is why my preload of Rare Replay died. I wasn't my internet for once!

    How about some real xbox news, like mouse and keyboard support coming soon.....

      Prob waiting to get some solid info on that one.

        Yeah true but theres heaps of news that has been announced a while back and now its one week until the official launch of Windows 10. For Xbox One gamers that means -

        1. Game streaming to PC.
        2. Windows 10 to follow on Xbox One very soon
        3. DX12 on XB1 (soon) and PC (This is already integrated into Unreal 4 and Unity)
        4. All approved XB1 accessories will work on PC.
        5. Crossover gaming, starting with 'Fable: Legends'

        Phil Spencer has said Windows 10 will hit XB1 very shortly. No reason to doubt him as the XB1 already runs on Windows architecture, in my opinion theres heaps to write about but articles like this seems lazy.

      Unless I missed something, mouse and kb support has only be announced for when you're streaming Win10 to your XB and not for gaming.

        There's a windows 10 beta coming to xbox preview members sometime this year, rumour is it will have m/k support and not just for streaming with a PC

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