Hearthstone Mage Obliterates Warrior With 80 HP In One Turn

Hearthstone is a video game about strategy, patience and smart decision-making. It's also a game about casting infinite fireballs at your opponent until they get sad and give up.

Watch the above video (by YouTuber televisionfodder) to see one of the greatest Hearthstone comebacks I've seen in a while, thanks to the power of A) mana-reducing Sorcerer's Apprentices, B) the fireball-generating Archmage Antonidas, and C) some really smart setup. Enjoy.



      I'm not a great player, I can't tell if the situation was set up or not. Do you think it's a huge comeback or have I tricked myself lol?

        It doesnt look 'set up' as in, I don't think the other player was in on it. He probably thought for the majority of the game he was playing against freeze mage, so with 50 armour he was literally unkillable, but then got caught in an incredibly unlikely and hard to set up OHKO.

        I shudder to think how many losses that mage copped before he pulled that off.

          Well not that many by the looks of things he had a win streak going .

            Ahhh I didnt notice he had a streak on. Good on him.

    That's huge, I only play a little bit but I am always in awe of people with the 5 star ranking.

    Been on the receiving end of this... definitely not a new strat

    I don't play hearthstone and have absolutely no idea what happened. I thought maybe the article would explain it...can someone help me out?

    It looks like he only survived because of a card's special/secret ability, but then he puts down heaps of cards and keeps spamming fireball and thats where I get confused.

      The big dude (archmage Antonidis) gives you a fireball every time you play a spell, and the little girls (sorcerers apprentice) make spells cheaper by 1 mana. 4 of them make fireballs free, as fireballs are 4 mana. He used a secret to duplicate the little girls (as he needed 4 and you are only allowed 2), used duplicate on Emperor who makes all of his cards cheaper by 1, thus setting it up so he could infinitely fireball the opponent with free, reoccuring fireballs.

        I haven't played Hearthstone so pardon my ignorance, but wouldn't the player run out of time at some point? Possibly before being able to finish off the opponent?

          You have a fair bit of time before your turn ends, upto about 2 minutes I think? Maybe a bit less. I should know that I play regularly haha. Either way, as he didnt really have to think about it once he had the combo set he was in no danger of not being able to fireball the opponent to death.

    I don't know about this, it feels more like an exploit then an actual strategy. How many times can he do that in one turn ?

    Wow nice!

    Also, there should be a +1 to topics. I want to show my like for the page, but not look like I just put a useless post for the 'likes'.

    Very lucky getting that combo. Had me laughing and making my curious as to what I was laughing at.

    It's only an exploit in the sense that any combo is an exploit. He needed a couple of turns of set up and those exact cards in order to do it. Similar to the old Miracle Rogue.

    In answer to your question though, as many as he's got time for. Maybe 40 fireballs.

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