Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die In War

Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die in War

This August, Hello Kitty wants you to think about peace.

In the latest issue of the monthly Sanrio magazine, the Ichigo Shimbun, all of the company's cute characters reflect on the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender during World War II.

The title of the article reads, "Let's think about what we can do for peace" and under that, it reads, "No more war!" The article encourages people to learn more about the war through books, movies, TV as well as from those who experienced it directly.

This comes as Japan is expanding its military capabilties through a reinterpretation of its pacificist constitution.

The article continues with two comments from senior citizens — one 92 year-old woman and an 87 year-old man — recounting the horrors of war and saying how they never want it repeated.

Then, the rest of the article has the various Sanrio character talk about war.

For example, Purin says he wasn't born yet during the war and learned about it from his grandparents, books, and TV.

Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die in War

This is Purin.

"If something like that happened again, I think I would cry every day," Purin says. "Since, you couldn't go outside, you're hungry, you don't know when you are going to die, it's scarier than you could imagine."

Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die in War

My Melody discussed the IS (Islamic State) conflict in Syria. I am not joking. The cute character added, "Right now this moment, lives are being snatched away."

Next to My Sweet Piano, the text mentions how war takes lives, and reads, "We must keep our promise not to wage war!"

Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die in War

While next to Hello Kitty, the text states how there are conflicts in Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine, and mentions the problem of terrorism. "Even though everyone should want peace, the truth that is that somewhere on Earth, there is a war."

Under Hello Kitty and My Sweet Piano, there is a pledge for everyone to get along.

Hello Kitty Doesn't Want To Die in War

In case you were wondering, this is what a cute character anti-war protest looks like.


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