Here's The First Subtitled Attack On Titan Movie Trailer

We've seen a lot of these clips from the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie, but now we can understand them too.

Courtesy of IGN, the latest, subtitled trailer features a lot of the same Titan clips and the same crazy Hange squeals of delight and terror. Strung together, and with words I can read and comprehend, the movie is shaping up to be quite the frightful adventure it was always meant to be, but on the big screen. Sure, there are a few questionable production moments (like the scene with all the Titans standing in a shadowy exposition) but I have a feeling I won't mind so much in lieu of a season 2.


    I know nothing about Attack on Titan, but this trailer got me well pumped.

    Jesus christ, that looks amazing. Taking my boy to see that the first day it opens in Brisbane. He went as Ehren to Supanova on the Goldcoast, he's gonna kill me if we don't :)

    Just binged the first 8 episodes of the anime... Its awesome

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