Here’s What You Get When A 3DS Eats A Game & Watch

Here’s What You Get When A 3DS Eats A Game & Watch

There’s something almost serendipitous about this…

Coming from game peripheral and novelty goods creator Columbus Circle, this is a New Nintendo 3DS faceplate so appropriate I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t think to make it first.

Called “Retro Plate & Watch,” the custom faceplate features a built in digital device similar to Nintendo’s original Game & Watch.

Obviously, since it’s not an official Nintendo licensed product, Columbus Circle couldn’t fit a working Game & Watch replica onto the faceplate, but it’s close enough that you can tell what they’re going for. Plus there’s something poetic about decorating Nintendo’s latest handheld console with it’s first.

Sadly, the Plate & Watch doesn’t play games — because why would it need to when it’s attached to a 3DS — but it does function as a working clock, alarm, timer, and thermometer.

The Retro Plate & Watch is a pretty nifty accessory and is scheduled for release in Japan on September 30th.


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