Honest Trailers Is Exceptionally Kind To The Super Mario Bros Movie

Video: I would have just wept openly for four minutes. I worked for a local cinema when the Super Mario Bros movie came out, so not only did I get to see it once for free, I caught snippets of it on and off for three weeks straight. It's the only film I can recall from my eight month stint as a concessions/theatre cleaning guy, erasing all other memories and supplanting them like some sort of fungus.


    While the movie isn't a good Mario Brothers movie it is just so gloriously oddball I can't but help but love it. I mean Dennis hopper is just so into playing King Koopa, he could have phoned it in but instead he took the part and ran with it.

    Plus Bob Hoskins was a pretty great fit for Mario all the script issues aside.

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    10-Year-Old me loved this movie...

      My youthful self considered this to be a major setback for Nintendo in the console wars. Sega fans would point to it and laugh. And point to the cartoon and laugh. And yet they had two cartoons, BOTH of which were awesome in different ways! *clenches fist angrily* Damn that hedgehog.

        Sega also had that sort of theme park place in Sydney. Never went there but really wanted to. What was it like?

          Ugh. I forgot about that! Never went myself, either.

          I would say, "At least we won the war," but the fall of Sega hasn't been pretty.

      Gotta admit, I liked it as a kid too. Because when you're a kid, you're stupid and you have no taste. But yeah, it's not THAT bad if you pretend it isn't a Super Mario Bros. adaptation and just treat it as its own movie. Then it's only MOSTLY bad, in that so-bad-it's-good sense.

      Plus the soundtrack was awesome. 'Almost Unreal' by Roxette kicks infinite amounts of ass.

    Calling Yoshi a Jurassic Park rip-off is a bit heavy-handed when the film was released two weeks before Jurassic Park, but hey, nobody cares about that.

    It wasnt so much a theme park, as it was a giant arcade with built in rollercoaster.

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