How To Beat Arkham Knight's Most Annoying Batmobile Race

How To Beat Arkham Knight's Most Annoying Batmobile Race

If I really hated Batman and wanted him dead, I'm not sure my first step would be to design a series of elaborate underground Batmobile races. Then again, I'm not the Riddler, so what do I know?

Early on in Arkham Knight, Batman discovers the Riddler's latest scheme: He's captured Catwoman, attached a bomb to her neck, and he now demands that she and Batman to survive a series of puzzle-challenges in order to disarm the bomb.

For the most part, those challenges are straightforward. You'll have to use the Batmobile to solve an environmental head-scratcher, or maybe team up with Catwoman to complete some two-person puzzle rooms. I actually think the Riddler puzzles are fun, if a bit simplistic (some on the Kotaku staff disagree with me). One, however, is awfully annoying.

Before you can get Catwoman's collar to zero, you'll have to do one final race, titled "Condamned". The races are my least favourite type of Riddler challenge, and the third lap of that final race is tough. Specifically, the part in the gif at the top of this article.

You have to round this bend Mario Kart-style, using your momentum to stick to a wall, dodge some barriers, and keep from sliding down into the water below. It's not that hard on the first two laps, since you can hit a button to move the barriers out of your way. On the final lap, however, the barriers don't move. It seems impossible at first.

I failed it a lot of times before I finally figured out that the best approach was to switch to first-person view.

How To Beat Arkham Knight's Most Annoying Batmobile Race

Do that, and the entire final lap becomes much easier. To take that tough corner, just steadily accelerate through it; don't brake, don't hit your afterburner. Nail that on your first or second try, and it's easy to finish the race within the time limit.

Here's me doing a pretty solid run:

It's a weird difficulty spike, so I figured it was worth sharing a tip on how to do it. Hope it's helpful!


    I'm not there yet, but I already had trouble with a few of the AR races trying to get 3 stars. Thanks for the tip!

    The Batmobile was such a good idea - in theory! Tank battles and these races so unbelievable, who built all this riddler death race infrastructure? I know I shouldn't look to much into this game but it really pulls me out of the experience.

      It's kinda explained in a riddler backstory that you unlock to read when you scan/solve a certain riddler riddle.

    I had no issues with that part of the race - steering works the same way, so just hold the accelerator down and turn as normal. Gravity holds no sway unless you slow down. Had more of an issue with the final part - doing a similar thing with little forewarning of precisely where you would be crushed... especially the last one that may or may not actually be there, depending on how far along the track the pistons have progressed. Took me a few tries to maintain enough speed while weaving to get through it.

    But I tend to agree - Riddler wants to humiliate Batman by proving he's no smarter than the average Joe... not sure how building a giant deathtrap of a racetrack proves intellectual superiority. But, then again, I'm amazed how easy his "puzzles" are in general. Maybe his goal is to prove Batman's intellectual inferiority by demonstrating how even simple puzzles are beyond him? Or that he is unable of conversing with someone on the other side of a wall? *shrugs*

    The camera makes the wall riding a bit funky so first person helps solve that, but if you're not a first person fan there's another alternative. Just slow down a little. The maneuver feels like it requires a lot more speed than it actually does. You're going to feel like the Batmobile is about to drop off the wall and it might take an attempt or two to nail the minimum speed, but once you find the actual sweet spot the move is much easier to pull off. It's a tight race but you should be able to make the time up elsewhere.

    Hmm, that looks like Trackmania with a batmobile. Sold.

    I actually had no trouble with that last riddler race, guess I just got lucky I suppose. I never had any issues sticking to the wall either. *shrugs* But I will admit the driving 'riddles' are rather dumb and just feel like another thing the Batmobile was shoehorned into.

    Fuck that whole race. I got thorugh it, but was pretty damn frustrated.

    The First Person tip looks good though, I'll try that for the AR challenge.

    This race is all perceived rushing. If you actually take you time and not feel rushed, take good lines, brake lots, only boost at the end when there's no danger - there's plenty of time. It's also easy to get the three star Wayne point this way as well. Race the track, not the timer.

    I actually had zero issues with this race? First time buggered it due to my own fault, second time finished it. *shrug*

    This was super super easy.

    Meanwhile it's a shame the wall clinging feature of the Batmobile wasn't used in the main part of the game.

      With the vehicle boss fights they could have had one where you have to get above them in a tunnel and smash down the batmobile onto them. Would have been pretty sweet.

    My TV now has a PS4 attached to the screen.

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