I Can’t Stop Watching The Wet Hot American Summer Netflix Trailer

Those of us who went to Jewish summer camp are pretty much unanimously obsessed with Wet Hot American Summer, an absurd cult classic starring an all-star cast of celebrities and comedians including Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks. Now Netflix has released the first trailer for their eight-episode prequel, and it looks fantastic.

You might remember that the original movie, released in 2001, took place during the final day of the summer at Camp Firewood and mostly revolved around the exploits of the counsellors as they all tried to find love — and heroin — before the big talent show. This time, 14 years later, they’re all starting their first day of camp as counsellors. Which is incredible, of course.

This WHAS prequel will be out on July 31. Watch the trailer above.


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