If Skyrim And Dark Souls Had A Baby...

Skyrim and Dark Souls came out roughly around the same time. I remember it well. There wasn't a rivalry between the two games but I do remember that a lot of players felt as though Skyrim was taking attention away from the superior fantasy-themed RPG.

But imagine if they were one and the same?

That's sorta what this Skyrim mod is about — but it's more like a very real attempt to make Dark Souls work within Skyrim itself.

It's actually pretty successful. Actually, more like the video does a great job, with its editing and the overall aesthetic, or creating a Soul-esque atmosphere within Skyrim. It looks fantastic.


    heads up, @markserrels, kotaku just posted this earlier.


      Yeah, I thought I was having a bit of Déjà vu?...one of the articles must be from Kotaku US site

      Last edited 03/07/15 4:42 pm

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