If UFC 189 Took Place In Mortal Kombat

Even if you're not a fan of MMA, it was pretty much impossible to avoid UFC 189. It was the biggest event in UFC history and it was everywhere.

The main event was the focus. One man hype-machine Conor McGregor faced off against the division's best wrestler and passed the test, knocking Chad Mendes out late in the second to become the Interim Featherweight champion.

But how would the fight have played out in Mortal Kombat?

Probably a lot like the above video.

UFC 189 was an incredible event and, when all is said and done, may well be the event that propels MMA into the mainstream. Conor McGregor left the event an even bigger star and the title unification bout with Aldo is — somehow — an even bigger fight than before. The risk paid off. If there was ever a time to get into MMA it's right now.


    UFC 189 is up there as one of if not THE greatest card of all time. Lawler v McDonald easily stole the show, but Conor winning is definitely going to do wonders for the sport.

    Here's hoping Dana pulls his finger out and Joe Silva keeps setting up cards like this.

    Didn't even take advantage of the Round 1 - Round 2 - finish him etc...

    Should have wrestled the the complete round 1 until time expired, then Conor beating him round 2 for a finish him... Extremely poor recreation.

    Also that vid doesn't give Mendes anywhere near the credit he deserves :(

    It’s a shame that Mendes gassed himself out from top position and then bizarrely decided to stop fighting or using the tools that were winning him the fight, allowing Conor to walk through him with 10 seconds to go in the second round.

    I thought he would have recovered significantly during that long period after he hit an effortless blast double when he was elbowing him in the face from top position, instead he just got up and “Ken Shamrocked” it back into the cage.

    Pretty convenient for the UFC though, huh?! Almost perfect!

    Oh well, Mendes’ was well compensated for showing up and his teammate who is unranked at FW was inexplicably rewarded a coaching spot on the Ultimate Fighter against the UFC’s million dollar man. So I guess it worked out well for everybody!


    FYI I don’t really think it was rigged, but MAN was it suspicious. Conor is a beast at FW, his power is huge, his striking varied and his chin seems rock solid. His wrestling still isn’t great though, and I don’t think he had any chance of getting up (or legitimately threatening from the bottom) if Chad hadn’t been so over-eager to advance position.

    I did lose my $30 though… so what do I know?

      So the UFC isn't pre-prepared like the Pro Wrestling stuff is?

        Nah, not normally. I don’t even think it was in this case even if there was plenty to be suspicious about.

        Conor is legitimately an extremely dangerous fighter and the UFC was just lucky that they got the result they did. Mendes would have been winning both rounds on the judges’ scorecards and if he’d been able to hang in there and keep using the skills that were winning him the fight I’m pretty sure he would have won.

        He just wilted entirely with 10 seconds left of the 2nd and gave up. Whether he was broken mentally by Conor’s resilience, gassed from the short notice fight, gassed because his body had taken a lot of damage, quit because he’d agreed to or a combination of a few of them I don’t really know.

        Was good for the UFC though.

      I think Chad just gave up. HE was throwing for the fences, and landing, but that takes a lot of energy. The the thing is, both Conor and Mendes looked flat. Conor wasn't moving like he normally does, and Mendes was really tired after the first round. Also when you're throwing your best and landing, and the other guy is still standing there talking smack, that can take the wind out of you sails.

      BUT it's hard not to think it was kinda rigged with how Mendes went down. Although it was more likely that Conor just broke him, it did look really weak on his part unfortunately - but he's probably got some bank now, so he doesn't care.

      The Lawler and MacDonald fight was awesome. You can see in that fight MacDonald gave up, but that was after 5 rounds of getting his face knocked in and finally having his nose shatter, so I don't begrudge the man for going sleepy weepy. That looks like it will be a great rematch.

        It looked like both men had a bit of an adrenaline dump about 2 minutes into the 1st. Chad was getting kicked a lot but he looked SPENT.

        That’s why I thought it was so strange when he got up and was like “ok, I’m done” at the end of the 2nd. The guard position Chad was in is just about the most relaxing positon you can be in during an MMA fight (not that it would be pleasant I’d imagine) and Chad had settled into the fight by then.

        A guy with his fitness and experience should take that time, and the enjoyment of being on top and really recover during that time. Conor wasn’t doing anything positionally from the bottom (although some of those elbows were violent) but if anyone should have been getting tired down there it would have been him. If he had the energy to hit the double leg in the first place AND the time to recover, he really should have been fine to at least coast out the round intelligently.

        You’re right about the Lawler/ Rory fight, that fight was AWESOME! I don’t think there’s a man on the planet who could begrudge Rory for going down when he did, he’d taken an inhuman beating early on and had already rallied through it with amazing heart.
        His nose was shattered and his right foot (which had been his go-to tool in the 3rd and 4th) was broken… that left hand got him plush in the mush. My god. What a fight!

          Did you see Lawlers lip! Lol, that was one of the worst cuts I've seen and on the mouth of all places.

      I originally thought the same but man, Conor landed 18 body shots in the first round, most of them being kicks. Starting with a spinning kick that landed flush a few seconds into the fight, he was hurt from that first kick.

      Mendes wasn't gassed because he over did it, its because Conor hits hard and was attacking the body.

      Obviously the short notice and adrenaline dump doesn't help but you gotta give credit where it's due. Mendes was hurt early and still had Conor in trouble and arguably won the first round. I'm saying this as someone who didn't really like either fighters before 189.

    I didn't know what UFC stood for, and had even less idea what UFC189 would mean.
    I used to love Mortal Kombat though.

    UFC is such a waste of time. It's like porn without the money shot.

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