In Case You Were Wondering If Uncharted 4 Was Any Good!

In Case You Were Wondering If Uncharted 4 Was Any Good!

Briefly: In case you were wondering if Uncharted 4 was any good! Looks like there’s a glitch in Google’s Uncharted 4 shopping page. Good for a laugh.


    • It seems that Google’s Uncharted 4 shopping page has accidentally linked some of its data to another game. From the reviews, I’m guessing one of the Need For Speed games. Hot Pursuit 1 or 2 perhaps.

      • I don’t remember any NFS game having a tower defense section like the second “reviewer” mentioned…unless the shopping page is so messed up its literally pulling reviews from several games…

        • Oh, they didn’t do that? The first review is about law enforcement patrol units driving at very high speeds, which I only know of NFS doing… I just assumed they shoe-horned something tower defensey into NFS like they did with Assassin’s Creed.

          Maybe they’re reviews for Battlefield: Hardline. That was a cops-and-robbers thing, right? I can see that having a tower-defensey section AND a pursuit. Old enough for the price to be coming down, perhaps? (In the US anyway.)

          • “Pros: Easy to play, Realistic driving experience
            Cons: Figuring out how to use weapons!

            This game is one of the best Need for Speed games on the market. I happen to own most of the recent games and this one is great! Realistic driving, Fast cars and great adventures.”

            Confirmed NFS game. Another review says that it’s not a recent NFS game (which explains why it’s good). NFS Hot Pursuit had weapons.
            But wait!
            “tower defense?” that’s a mystery

            Another review, “The fun you get from playing any Double Fine game is all packed in this game…exactly what you would expect from DF…if you’ve played any Tim Schafer games, you’ll be right at home!!”

            Uhm… Tim Schafer has worked on: Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Broken Age, The Secrets of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and Day of the tentacle.

            Another review complains about the homosexual content.

            Yeah, it’s pulling results from a bunch omf games.

            Or it’s going to be really funny when we figure out what it is…

          • They would be talking about Brutal Legend, which if you didn’t play, had a fair bit of defending of towers.

        • No, they are joke reviews written by various people.

          There’s a ‘Write a review’ button right there where you can write your own right now if you wish.

          EDIT: Well, some of those are old, so maybe they really are being pulled from other games…. who know, lol. You can write your own review still, however.

          • The 5 reviews with “Google” as a source seem to be joke reviews. The 242 with “Best Buy” as a source seem to be genuine.

  • Well, given Naughty Dog’s track record, we were expecting the fourth game in the series to be a racing game, no?

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