Insert Coin(s) Returns To Sydney With Hot Dogs, Cocktails And Street Fighter V

Folks in Sydney might have warm recollections of Insert Coin(s) — a regular event at the Oxford Art Factory that celebrated 80s arcade gaming and often previewed upcoming video games.

Good news: after a two year absence, it's making its glorious return on August 6, bringing cocktails, hot dogs and Street Fighter V along with it.

Also: Insert Coin(s) is playing host to Australia's very first look at Street Fighter, which makes perfect sense considering its throwback Arcade theme.

And speaking of arcades, this might be of more importance to some of you. Insert Coin(s) also has a host of arcade machines and pinball machines. The event organisers are claiming there will be thousands of retro arcade games available to play, which suggests to me that they have a ton of MAME machines on the go.

Tickets cost $15 for entry, and all arcade games are free. The Insert Coin(s) team are also running a Street Fighter cosplay competition. If you have an old pair of red pyjamas you're totally set!

Doors open at 6pm. You can grab tickets here


    Awesome! I missed this, went to every single one of them before they disappeared.

    Used to only be $10 though didn't it? Shame :P

    So Street fighter V will be playable? If so I will be there with bells on.

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