A New Mafia Game Is In Development

It's long been rumoured that a new Mafia game was in development and now we have confirmation. More details will be revealed next week.


    Thanks for the riveting article.

    I do hope that they don't balls up this one though..

      I agree re: article. Videos (which Kotaku are using more and more) make it very difficult to read on the bog. I end up just hunting for the story elsewhere.

    Why not just reveal it next week without this announcement of an announcement shit.

    Will it suck way less than 2 did?

      I liked 2. :(

      It had it's issues, but overall I liked it.

      The main problem I had with it was the lack of a fully realised sandbox. You always felt pressed to go from mission to mission with no clear "break" to go exploring like games such as GTA and Saint's Row mastered. I had to press myself to go collectible hunting - and considering some of the collectibles were Playboy centrefolds you'd think I would have been more keen. I mean you could build up a car collection but there was no real point. You could buy clothes (IIRC) but there was no real point. They put a very linear game in what could have been a pretty neat open world. I felt the same about LA Noire, come to think of it.

      If they fix that in Mafia 3, I'll be thrilled.

        That's what I mean. When it was being hyped, it was this giant open living world blah blah. Part 1 sort of achieved that, it felt open, but part 2 felt very closed, linear and limited.

          I never played the original, so Mafia II was my introduction to the franchise. Apart from one or two frustrating gunfights, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The limitedness of the open world only hit me when I finished the game and realised that there wasn't a lot to do in it, and going back to find all the collectibles (some of which are only available in missions) would be an exercise in tedium. Since I'd already finished what I felt was a very good story, I set it aside without too much thought.

          What I have never been able to understand about it is why they spent so much time, effort and money on making that massive city with so much amazing attention to detail and then not ever used even a small percentage of it.. I still scratch my head over it whenever Mafia topics come up.

    Mafia II had so much going for it; the opening missions were so alive. But the missions became terrible (bar a few here and there) after about a third of the way through it.

    There is a big montage showing all these hi-jinks between the lead and his mate at one point in the game; I still believe all the stuff in the montage was at some point, actual game missions, that were cut from the game most likely because of budget issues. So they chopped the unfinished game-play and used what animations they had to create a 90 second montage instead.

    I'd rather a gangsters game.

      Like GTA:SA?

        Nah like the Gangster's series of games, was a top down management type mafia game where you run the whole gang. Was really cool back in the day, you extorted places for money and could put out hits and bombs places etc.


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    Seriously, there has to be more to the article then this?

    Anyway, OT, am looking forward to it, have always enjoyed the series

    I really think they could do well with this by utilizing the nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor!

    I really enjoyed the second mafia too, despite its flaws. Looking forward to seeing how 3 turns out.

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    Mafia II was OK but neither really captured the feel of an authentic experience. The mechanics were also very sub par. The only time you got to be a wiseguy was during missions, with nothing to do on the side to feel like an untouchable, badass gangster. Fire one shot and suddenly the funs over due to the omnipresent cops. They need some lessons from GTA mixed with Goodfellas, Casino, Donnie Brasco and The Sopranos.

    Rockstar should do a 70s based mob game set in New York and Jersey, or even Vegas - that'd be fantastic. There's so much rich mob history that if done right, could be truly amazing. But me thinks the guys who did Mafia1/2 didn't really know much about the Italian-American Cosenostra (real term for the mob, not Mafia).

    Needs a serious tone with robust mechanics, a rich atmosphere and some genuinely good source material.

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