It’s Not A NES, It’s A Gaming PC

It’s Not A NES, It’s A Gaming PC

In decades past, this casing may indeed have housed a Nintendo Entertainment System, but these days it’s home to a decent little gaming PC.

Built by a PC Gamer reader, it packs an “Intel Core i5-4670K CPU, an ASRock Mini ITX motherboard, and an MSI GeForce GTX 750 video card”. It’s a tight squeeze, but it works!

You can see more pics, and read a build rundown, here.

It’s Not A NES, It’s A Gaming PC


  • Shame about the GPU, its slightly faster than the Xbones GPU but slightly slower than the PS4.

    Surely they could fit one of the new tiny GTX 970s in there. I guess maybe the problem is that they cant deliver enough power?

    • a more powerful PSU probably won’t fit into the NES chassis, and it’ll look weird if it was one of those out-hanging bits.. looks like they wanted to go simple on the design.

    • Maybe, but the mini 970’s are more than double the price (at least on PCCG they are.)

    • they might be able to fit one of the new high end, smaller form factor AMD cards in there, like a Fury or Fury X maybe.

      • The Fury X certainly has a much smaller board, but it also has that closed loop water cooler which would be hard to fit into this sort of chassis. The R9 Nano should be the perfect option for this sort of form factor, once it is released.

  • congrats you put some computer parts inside a hollowed out plastic shell

  • You can rip the powerboard out of a old PS3, nice and slim. I think they deliver 300watt so not sure if that would be enough. Next solution would be to make your own custom powerboard that is slim and deliver enough power, some of the new AMD 3xx cards are quite slim and may be a good option also.

    • Nah a 750 Ti is perfect for this build, maybe a 970 downclocked due to PSU limitations. I’m actually surprised they aren’t using a 750 Ti in this, that’d be a considerable performance improvement and from the looks of that board, maybe even a shrink in size! (I have a 750 Ti single slot card with a low profile cooler too, no auxiliary pins and it sips power line an ant)

  • Decent build, too much sacrificed for ascetics imo. Small form factor builds are really in atm.

    This is also were AMD did well and also screwed themselves. On one hand they released the fury which is smaller and also watercooled making it perform very well in tight spaces thus perfect for small builds that want grunt. However they failed to make real progress with power consumption and it guzzles watts like all AMD cards, requiring a bigger PSU making the whole thing a mute point… which is a shame could of been the perfect card for these types of builds.

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