Jamie Lee Curtis And Family Attended EVO In Cosplay

Jamie Lee Curtis And Family Attended EVO In Cosplay

Attending the annual fighting tournament as part of a graduation trip for son Thomas, actress Jamie Lee Curtis donned the claws and mask of Street Fighter‘s Vega to remain incognito in the crowd.

While the flesh-coloured top isn’t quite good enough to allow 56 year old Curtis to pass as a slim and sexy Spanish man, she does cut quite the strapping figure. If she hadn’t tweeted about her family’s cosplay escapades I never would have guessed. Those Activia folks must really be on to something.

The efficacy of the brilliant disguise is hampered somewhat by the unmistakable presence of her famous husband Christopher Guest, pulling off a passable version of Tekken‘s Doctor Geppetto Bosconovitch, though he could use less hair. In contrast, Curtis’ older sister Kelly’s Mokoto is spot-on.

Son Thomas’ attempt at Deejay pales in comparison to the costumes of his parents and aunt. That’s the price you pay for being adopted into an acting family.

Well-played, Jamie Lee Curtis. You are the mother we all aspire to be. No wonder you got such a warm welcome at the show.


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