Japan's Busiest Intersection Recreated With 1000 Paper People

Japan's Busiest Intersection Recreated with 1,000 Paper People

This stop-motion animation brings Shibuya's scramble crossing alive at 1/100 scale and made from little paper sculptures.

Those are little architectural models, and a total of 1000 little paper people make their way through the intersection.


    Every time I waited to cross a road at a crossing in Tokyo all I could think of while lining up was "WALL OF DEATH!!!!!"

    I was really underwhelmed when we were there about how simple it was to get through the busiest intersection and how it wasn't that busy at all.

    Watching videos like this make me realise it was busier than I thought, we were just big enough to push through all the people

      100x bigger!

    I'd hate to see someone blow over the work with a sneeze and would have to start the shot again

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