Jared Leto's Joker Shows Up In Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer

Jared Leto's Joker Shows Up in Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer

Video: Watch it before it gets pulled, kiddies. In the tradition of all trailers surreptitiously recorded and leaked during Comic-Con, this teaser for next year's villain-turned-black-ops-agents movie is tough to watch and tough to hear.

But the most important part — our first glimpse of pretty-boy Jared Leto as the Crown Prince of Crime — still manages to be the highlight.


    I am seriously having a hard time getting excited about jared Leto as the joker. Am aware I have rose tinted glasses for Heath ledger but man I don't know it all just feels off to me. This whole suicicde squad thing feels off to me to be honest. Maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised

      Its a little more accurate to the else worlds joker, which I reckonis pretty cool. Thing people forget about the joker is that he has changed MANY times in the comics.

      All of suicide squad feels off for me. Just doesnt seem like something thats going to work. The Joker seems like the worst part of it.

      It's not just Heath Ledger joker, but CGI mark hamil joker in the arkham games also really stands out. Will be hard to live up to either.

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      I must be one of the few people who didn't embrace Ledgers Joker.
      Don't get me wrong, his version of the Joker was fantastic and suited the feel of the Dark Knight films perfectly, but that's also why it didn't sell me on him 100%
      It felt like only the parts of the Joker that fit the theme of the film were taken and expanded on to create something different. Which let me say again, was great, it just didn't strike me as the Joker at his best (or worse)

      I'm interested to see how this version goes, but I think we have yet to see the Joker truely brought to life.

        Couldn't agree more. I understand that their have been multiple portrayals of all DC characters throughout their life in film and television, but with the limiting bounds of the visual medium, it takes a truly remarkable actor to pull off the depths of insanity that is The Joker. I myself am not a huge fan of DC, but I have a profound respect for characters such as The Joker because they represent more than just a costume and face paint. The Joker is the truest personification of pure insanity I've seen in any character ever. Hannibal Lector ain't got nothing' on him!

        It takes an incredibly talented actor to convey the inner workings of a psychopath and nothing short of that will be accepted in my mind. This is why I remain waiting patiently for the day The Joker is cast appropriately. Until then, comics it shall be.

    Yeah nah, this is classic DC trying to do the Marvel thing & completely missing the point.

    Take your gritty, punk crap & flush it.

      that's probably what kills it for me... the grittiness and "maturity" that it tries to portray... but then they also tried wacky and humorous with green lantern, and look how that worked out..

        Ahhh, true. GL was very faithful & nobody gave a shit. Shame.

        They have to walk the line like Marvel do, Ironman was so successful because it was faithful enough but also easy to digest for the average movie goer.

        I think Avengers 2 has been the best & that, while successful, has been getting mixed reviews.

          Big fan of the Marvel movies in general. My favorites being Guardians, Avengers, Ironman in that order.
          That said I walked out of Avengers 2 when the baby started crying half an hour in and left my wife and kids to watch it. I was bored of the whole formula and didn't want to endure the rest of it so took the baby to the car and had a sleep. I did watch it recently at home and I reckon it's the worst of the good Marvel movies.

            Wow, I went back & watched it a second time in the cinema & I miss most things at the cinema.

            So, so good.

            Never been a fan of The Vision, absolutely loved the movie version.

    I started to buy the casting till Will Smith opened his mouth and ruined it. I dunno what happened to the guy but these days you don't see a character, you see Will Smith trying to act as a "Gruff Serious Will Smith" or "Funny guy Will Smith" or whatever. Will Smith used to be a great actor, then all of a sudden it seems like he stopped trying.

    As for the rest of the crew, outside of Harley, Joker and Waller, there's not enough in the trailer for me to want to be excited or be angry. Margot Robbie's Harley seems to get the crazy down pat, and still retain the goofiness of the character; almost like the Animated series Harley but with a more modern look. Viola Davis as Waller looks and sounds perfect, but that's not hard when the Waller character is basically "stone hearted bitch". As for Jared Leto's Joker... He looks like a psychopath, and that's a good thing. But his words sound like the Director said to him: "Look, I know you want to have your own spin on this, but remember Ledger's Joker? Yeah, try doing that." and that's what happened. This is Leto trying to be Ledger's Joker.

      To be honest, I did not even notice Will Smith in that trailer. The quality was rubbish mind you, but I was not actively looking for Smith. He may have been in there, but there was a lot more for me to chew on for me to notice him, or not as the case may be. :-\

        Ditto. I forgot he was in the movie and I didn't notice him in the trailer.

    Margot Robbie's Harley seems to get the crazy down pat

    Yeah, nah. Quite vanilla.

      Harley Quinn has one of the best costumes ever & it's all but been thrown out in all media.

    deadpool trailer leak as well:

      The fact he makes fun of his 'Green Lantern' makes me want to watch this more.

      Thank you

    Wasn't "Hot Topic" Joker just a photoshoot for a magazine?

      EXACTLY! They said that the tattoos weren't going to be on him. Why does he need a pack of cards tattooed on hi- OH! I get it because he's THE JOKER ... And, you know, homicidal dudes need a schtick. Amiright??

        Nah was just one website and one tweet that tried to debunk it. Turns out it wasn't DC who said that, just some dude claiming to be an 'industry insider'...


        I think today I may run around claiming to be an 'industry insider' telling people Thanos will be wearing the 'Infinity GString of Doom'...

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          lol! "I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!"

          Sorry ... Just watched the original Robocop ...

    This is so edgy I think it just cut a portal back to 1998.

    "I started to buy the casting till Will Smith opened his mouth and ruined it. I dunno what happened to the guy but these days you don't see a character, you see Will Smith trying to act as a "Gruff Serious Will Smith" or "Funny guy Will Smith" or whatever. Will Smith used to be a great actor, then all of a sudden it seems like he stopped trying."

    yes this! literally thought this exact same thing as soon as he spoke, its will smith playing will smith in a costume.

    Look, it's just me. I'm over superhero movies. I watched that trailer and have absolutely no compulsion to go and see that movie.
    It's just me.

    I really don't understand all the hate. I think Leto is going to knock it out of the park.

    Man, I'm interested. Just remember - everyone poo-pooed early Ledger Joker stuff and look how that turned out. Besides, it's Suicide Squad - not a Joker movie. But the way everyone talks about it, you'd think it was a new Joker film. Relax, sit back and wait. It could be awesome.

      I agree, I'm not a fan of what's his face being the new Batman and I have pretty much ignored this until now but after seeing that I'm interested.

    There's not much to go on for Leto's performance, but what I saw (and very importantly: heard) in that trailer has me pretty interested. Starting to think he's going to smash it.

    Jared Leto just sounds like he is doing heath ledger's joke but with different make up. I know there is only so many way to voice him. I'm still on the fence about him.

    Well, I'm keen. The DC heroes and villains are a lot more interesting to me than Marvels so I'm hoping these are top quality. Just go in with an open mind.

    Oh god, Margot Robbie is just to die for!
    Stunning, beautifully wonderful... Wow

    They say never do crazy, this is the one exception haha

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