Journey Lands On The PS4 On July 21

Video: Journey — one of the best PS3 games — lands on the PS4 on July 21 with upgraded 1080p resolution.


    If there's one thing in this life that's guaranteed to not be awful, it's playing through Journey again with better graphics.


      Scarves should be to Journey as hats are to TF2.

      Scarves... scarves everywhere.

    One of the reasons I bought a PS4 this time around was the belief I would get a chance to play this game. Very stoked to see it happening!

    People playing this on LCD are missing out. Hoo boy.

    If you think it's beautiful now, plasma/OLED makes it sooooo much better.

      Read the first one as LSD. Thought, wth? Mixing my languages.

        I think it's a game worth playing while on LSD. It should prove to be an *interesting* experience.

      Not quite as simple as that. While LCDs won't get the blacks that plasma does, it is brighter. Good LCD screens display excellent picture quality. Plasma is hardly "sooooo much better".

      OLED rules the roost. Definitely agree with that. Shame about the price.

        I was more thinking screen uniformity and the fact that LCD's are dirty. Plasma is a nice constant colour. Especially noticeable when moving.

    I'll just leave this here:

    And this too:

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    Absolutely loved this game and will definitely be getting it the day it comes out. To play through it at 1080p is going to be amazing. :D

    Soooo... Sony, as most people bought this game on PSN to begin with, do we all get a free upgrade on our PS4s?

    As someone who hasn't even played mine yet, I would like to hope so.

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