Just Cause 3 Has The World's First Interactive Video Game Trailer

Okay this is just awesome. Video game trailers are ten-a-penny. We all know what to expect. This is properly innovative. The Just Cause 3 team has created an interactive, branching video game trailer. This is off the chain.

How does it work? Well, at the end of each video players get to choose what to do next, that simple. Each video leads to a choice between three different outcomes, which leads to another choice, etc.

It's really, really well done and fits in with the spirit of Just Cause. I'm currently trying to explore all possible options, wasting a whole bunch of time going backwards, going through different paths. It's a lot of fun.


    Seriously cant wait for this game!

    They have really upped the anti as far as explosions go looks epic!

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    Ooooh, a Choose your own Adventure trailer.

    just want to point out that techland did one these for hellraid about 2 years back

      I'm fairly certain I heard something about the Warcraft film doing the same with a Gryphon flight over Stormwind yesterday..

        yep it was actually done for the Legendary VR app and they then moved it to chrome ( it doesnt work on firefox)

      Just Cause 2 did it as well back in 2010, so not only is this not the first one, it's not even the first one for the series!

    THIS is going to break my Destiny addiction!

      Keep telling yourself that man! You know what broke my addiction - selling the damn game to someone else!!! It's like That horror movie The Ring - you've gotta pass it on otherwise you're screwed!

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    Wow. Times have surely changed. We laud "inteactive" trailer videos when back in the day we'd get an actual demo to interact with.

    /takes off cranky pants

    Still. I am so looking forward to this. My son and I still use JC2 when we want to simply rampage and cause mayhem.

      yes. demos. getting people hooked like drug addicts.


        Interesting analogy. Some were indeed just like a "taster" baggie designed to hook you in for more - the BF1942 Wake Island and BF2 Gulf of Oman demos for example. They had me hooked to the BF franchise until BF2142 came along and ruined it for me. Of course the analogy also works the other way as you would get a "bad batch" now and then so you knew the score. This is what killed the demo methinks. Sales of a final polished product suffered due to release of a crappy demo. I know there were games I did not buy until a ling time after their release due to bad experience with the demo.

          as long as my analogy stands firm, on either end of the spectrum (unintentionally), im happy XD

    Argh I can't wait, that was too much fun (regardless of whether it's actually a new idea or not). One complaint though: 1 December is too far away :(

    It looks like JC3 consists of all the mods I use in JC2 to have fun messing around with it to this day. Unlimited ammo (C4), airdrop any vehicle anywhere, multiple ropes, unlimited air time with the wingsuit (there's a mod to have unlimited parachute-thrusters).
    Looks like a ton of fun, I'm definitely buying either a new PC or a PS4 for it. The only thing I'll miss is the hilarious stereotypical Asian accents.
    "He's got me with his wiyahh-thingyyy! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?OHMYGAAAAAAHHHHHD"

    They need to stop calling it a physics engine, because that's not how physics works.

      The term seems appropriate enough, they're both about the rules that govern matter and motion, it's just the rules of the game's physics are a bit different to the real ones.

    Welp shoot, this inspired me to reinstall Just Cause 2 again. Forgot how much simple fun this game was/is.

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