Konami's New Initiative: Erotic Castlevania Pachinko

Once upon a time, there was a company called Konami that would release all sorts of delightful video games in all kinds of genres under big, beloved franchises with names like Suikoden, Contra, Gradius, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Zone of the Enders.

Today, there is a company called Konami that makes pachinko machines — Japanese gambling devices that are sort of like a cross between pinball and slots — and just announced a new one based on Castlevania. It promises "erotic violence." Welcome to 2015.

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    I sure am glad they are focussing on real business priorities like making erotic gambling machines, firing Hideo Kojima and cancelling one of the most anticipated horror games of the past 10 years.

      Nothing new here.. Konami even makes poker machines in Australia as well.

        But not EROTIC poker machines.....which means there's a serious gap in the market for porn-gambling....hot damn imma be rich.

        We've got a couple at the club I work at, although unfortunately none of their video game themed ones.

    I honestly dont care anymore. Im only here because I saw Zone of the Enders mentioned. So much awesome in 2 short games. Jehuty FTW!!

    To be fair Konami have been making pachinko games for a very long time now, its not like this is new to their business. There are even Konami gyms in Japan... like literal gyms.

    As to their recent efforts in gaming well they've fallen and looks like they don't wanna get up. Still miss the old days when a konami game could get me excited, now you can't even count them as being in the video game industry.

    i know I am part of the problem, but I am moving to Japan soon, and I would probably play it. don't hate me :(

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