Kpop Dance Move Is So Attack On Titan

Kpop Dance Move Is So Attack on Titan

The Korean pop group Sistar has a smash hit on their hands with "Shake It." The YouTube video has racked up over five million views. Congrats on that! Ditto for the Attack on Titan comparisons. Wait. What?

As folks online in South Korea recently pointed out (via the Entasia Forums), one of the group's dance moves looks like a Titan running in the anime Attack on Titan. Here, compare for yourself:

Running through villages, devouring humans, singing pop songs. You know, the usual.

Top GIF via starshipTV

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    I hate girls who are plastic

      yeah... imagine how they'd taste

        Comment is especially apt considering S Korea is the global home of plastic surgery.

    Nope, sorry. They look like dance moves from around the 1970's. Sorry Bashcraft, you're trying *too hard* on this one.

      I think it's just an excuse. It's impossible to try "too hard" when it comes to K-Pop.

    Great article! This is the type of stuff Kotaku needs more of - said no one ever.

    Last edited 08/07/15 12:51 am

    Congrats for this? Don't know if you noticed, but if you want to get views on the internet, you just put some girls on your page, 100% guaranteed succes rate. Getting 5 million views on a 'thin girls wearing not much' youtube vid is hardly the achievement of the millenium.

    Wait...i thought there were only 4 members of Sistar....

      Oh no, that was *last* month. They multiply, you see. Then they end up like Morning Musume and AKB48.

        what language are you guys speaking?

          The language of luuuurrrrve <3 <3 <3 (of K-Pop & J-Pop)


      Yeah there are only 4 members in Sistar. The other girls would be backup dancers :)

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