League Of Legends’ Gentleman Gnar Skin Is Disgustingly Cute

League Of Legends’ Gentleman Gnar Skin Is Disgustingly Cute
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Oh my goodness. Not all MOBA character skins are created equally. But the ones Riot has made for League of Legends prehistoric boomerang-wielding fur monster known as “Gnar” have been great. Gnar’s base character looks sort of like Gizmo from the Gremlins movies… until he transforms into the hulking beast known as “Mega Gnar” — something that happens periodically during matches.

Gnar’s first skin, “Dino Gnar”, dressed the guy up in a little onesie:

…and turned Mega Gnar into a big green dinosaur:

Gnar’s new skin, which was recently made available on League’s public beta and shown off by the game’s popular site Surrender at 20, gives him more of an old British man vibe:

Gentleman Gnar throws a pocket watch instead of a boomerang:

…while Mega Gentleman Gnar hurls what looks like a Big Ben clock tower instead of a giant rock:

And just look at his new recall animation!

Sadly, the new Gnar skin doesn’t come with a new Gentleman-ly voice like Gentleman Cho’gath did. But I guess it wouldn’t make much sense for Gnar to suddenly start speaking if he’s a incoherently babbling little creature in the first place. Since dressing him up in a suit and top hat makes so much sense in the first place, of course.

Pictures: Surrender at 20, SkinSpotlights


  • My god, I’m going to have to start playing LoL just so I can use that character and that skin. That is fantastic.

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