Like Japanese Games? Check Out This Sale...

The Humble Store has been completely knocking it out of the park with its sales recently. There was the DRM-Free sale, which focused on interesting indie games. Now they're running a sale on games developed in Japan.

The sale is markedly smaller compared to the DRM-free sale, but still plays host to a number of great games — including both Dark Souls games.

— Dark Souls II is $27.49 — Jet Set Radio is $1.24! — Deadly Premonition is $2.49 — Binary Domain is $3.74 — Dark Souls is $4.99

A game like Dark Souls — chances are you already have that if it interests you. But the others? There's a lot of cool niche stuff there that you might have missed out on. Well worth a gander.


    I thought Binary Domain was fantastic, even though it wasn't that well received.

    And Deadly Premonition is fantastically quirky.

    Damn! I paid $10 for Dark Souls from G2A on the weekend. Oh well, with the exchange rate its more like $7 from Humble.

    Green Man Gaming are also having a summer sale.

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    @markserrels: a link to the page might be helpful!


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    Holy hell thanks Kotaku for the heads up! Just got steam going the other day as I am pretty new to PC gaming... Been eyeing off Dark souls 2. Humble rules!

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