Man Wins French Scrabble Champs, Doesn't Speak French

Man Wins French Scrabble Champs, Doesn't Speak French

Nigel Richards, a God amongst mortals on the Scrabble tournament scene, has outdone himself this time: he's won the French version of the Scrabble world champs without speaking a word of French.

Richards, who dominates Scrabble tournaments in the US and UK, won the French tournament the same way he's able to exert his dominance in other languages: he has a terrifying memory.

"He doesn't speak French at all, he just learnt the words" Liz Fagerlund, a close friend of Richards, told the New Zealand Herald, saying it's been only eight weeks since he began studying the French dictionary. "He won't know what they mean, wouldn't be able to carry out a conversation in French I wouldn't think."

The French are apparently, for what it's worth, "gobsmacked".

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    Meh, let's see him win in Vulcan scrabble

      Unless it's some sort of Romance language thing, it sounds like he totally could do it with enough time to practice. Besides, I'm sure the calibre of Vulcan scrabble players is a lot less competitive than the French!

    Wait hes a wizard! Thats clearly cheating!

    I hope his last 4 winning words were surrender, cheese, monkey & eating, not necessarily in that order

      Hahahahahaha solid

    Well done Lloyd!

    I said this on I actually know this guy, as I am a competitive Scrabble player myself. He's really nice. Congrats on the great win. If you don't believe me, look me up. Alex Leckie-Zaharic. (yes I am a 14yr old kid :) )

      Nice work on your competition wins too Alex! :)

        Thank you for the kind words. Its nice that some people take the time to be nice to people. (i used too many "nice"s in that sentence)

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