Massive Bug Forces Riot To Disable All League Of Legends Ranked Games

Massive Bug Forces Riot To Disable All League Of Legends Ranked Games

Well this is just great. Really fucking great.

It takes a lot for Riot to put even part of its hugely popular multiplayer game League of Legends on hold, but tonight the developer faced a technical problem it wasn't able to handle. A bug affecting every playable character in League of Legends' ginormous champion pool began to surface in the game earlier today, leading Riot to disable ranked matchmaking queues while it searches for a solution.

League of Legends players first started to notice the bug on the champion Riven. It was allowing her to recall instantaneously — "recall" being a spell every champion can cast to teleport themselves back to base after a few seconds spent idling or doing silly dances like so:

Massive Bug Forces Riot To Disable All League Of Legends Ranked Games

The fact that recalling takes a few seconds is key. Pressing "B" means that you leave yourself vulnerable to any number of bad things that might (and probably will) happen to you.

Riot normally deals with issues like this by disabling a select champion while it tries to sort things out behind the scenes. But once the Riven recall bug surfaced online, other League players reported similar issues with champion after champion in the game, until it became clear that this was a much bigger issue than the average League hiccup.

"We're currently working to fix a bug with the Recall spell," Riot wrote in a post on its live status page for the North American League servers at 9:08 PM tonight. "Unfortunately, this particular issue can't be mitigated by disabling a specific champion or item so we've temporarily disabled Ranked while we develop a solution. We will update you all with our progress in 12 hours."

12 hours. You could play 12 or more games of League in that amount of time!

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    Really need to swear in the first line? You need to remember your audience isn't always older than 12. ESPECIALLY ON A POST ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.

    The fact this post is complaining that a feature is disabled from a game for potentially 12 hours is stupid. It's not as if the entire game is disabled. So you can't play ranked, woop-di-do.

    Gotta meet your quota somehow though.

      A lot of people don't rate normals. It has a different queue type, players with a different mindset, and a ban system. Normals are only in place to practice mechanics once you are at a certain point in LoL.

      And don't get on your high horse over a swear word. If you are playing LoL and not auto muting everyone in every match you will hear a lot worse than "fuck". This comment is simply a whine and has zero merit.

    Sometimes Riot just makes me want to give up. But I can't. It's like I'm trapped in an abusive relationship and no matter how many stupid changes they make to jungle items, or retardedly OP champs they let CertainlyT design, or ridiculous game-breaking bugs like this just literally appear out of nowhere, I can't leave.

    Nothing stopping you from playing normals.

    Ranked is a hole anyway..

    12 or more games in 12 hours? Jesus how long are league matches? I was gonna try it cause I like HOTS but I like the 15-20 minute game length.

    Considering the up time of LoL and how very little it goes down, I don't think this is that big a deal.

    As a game journo, surely you have other games in your library to play in the mean time?

    this isnt new, ive been using this exploit for literally months lol

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