Mooncrest Is An RPG By BioWare Veterans, Inspired By A Neverwinter Nights Mod

We've been spoiled a little for old-school RPGs in recent times with Divinity: Original Sin, Shadowrun and Pillars of Eternity, but we're always eager for more. Enter Mooncrest, a solo role-playing title currently in development at KnightMayor, a studio made up of ex-BioWare employees.

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If that wasn't enough to pique your interest, you should know that Mooncrest is based on the "Paladin Trilogy", a series of Neverwinter Nights mods by designer Rick Burton, whose AAA credits include Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dragon Age: Origins. Burton is also KnightMayor's founder.

As to what you can expect from the game, I'll let the features do the talking:

A Story of Sisterhood: An immersive story of fellowship where the interactions with your wayward companion propel you on an adventure of intrigue. "Souls-style" Combat: Engage in tactical, real-time combat where your wits will matter as much as your reflexes. Challenging Puzzle Solving: Tease your brain with intuitive puzzles that favor logic and reward your cleverness.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: real-time combat? I'm going to reserve judgement until there's a gameplay video, but what I liked about the old-school BioWare RPGs was the ability to pause combat, sort out your spells and abilities and then resume play.

That said, I did get crazy-into Jade Empire, so maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Excluding Burton, the current developer pool at KnightMayor consists of James Henley (Jade Empire, Mass Effect and others), Brian Ledden (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Jeffrey Visgaitis, a veteran of the pen-and-paper industry, with particular experience working on Dungeons & Dragons products.

Information about the meat of the game is thin right now, but KnightMayor appears to be updating its site regularly, with the last post uploaded yesterday.

Mooncrest [Official site, via Destructoid]


    "Souls-style" combat. Hm I agree, this kind of combat only works in some games, and not usaully Bioware ones.

    made from bioware employees? let's hope they do better than bioware has since EA bought them

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