Mortal Kombat X Is Adding Four Classic Fatalities For Free

Mortal Kombat X Is Adding Four Classic Fatalities For Free

Feeling nostalgic for old-school Mortal Kombat? You're in luck.

Today, Mortal Kombat X releases its "Klassic Fatality Pack" for all players, free of charge. The pack includes classic fatalities for characters such as Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Sonya, and Johnny Cage. You can see all of these in action in this video by Synn:

Sure, none of these are elaborate as the newer fatalities developed over the years, but I kind of like that. Fatalities like the one below manage to be badass without overdoing it, and that's a feat!

Mortal Kombat X Is Adding Four Classic Fatalities For Free


    Sub-Zero is human again? I thought he was turned cyber?
    *i don't really follow MK, just a bit of reading on the side. Planning to start on the comics*

    Last edited 08/07/15 6:36 pm

      When Quan-Chi turned him into a revenant he found the cybernetic parts to be stupid and ripped them out to restore his body.

        oh, cheers! pretty much what happened with starlord (pre-guardians of the galaxy).. yeah i read marvel :S

    How to perform? Mine shows a question mark on them..
    I'v already downloaded the latest patch and have the kombat pack.

      gotta download the free pack...not sure if it's available in AUS yet.

    oh my gosh amazing wow yipee why weren't they in the fucking game from the beginning?

      Yeah, how dare they make additional content after the game releases and make it free to everyone!

    I think sonya is a fan of solaris from dark souls

      Corner... now!
      *Walks away grumbling about how kids today don't know their gaming history*

        Or possibly solaris possibly copied sonya, not the other way round

    Don't know if it's available for Oz yet. I have the digital US version and downloaded the fatalities pack yesterday, didn't see it on the AU store.

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