N64 Controller Hacked To Work On Xbox One

N64 Controller Hacked To Work On Xbox One

Chris Gallizzi and Jesse Aragon from Hyperkin gave themselves a day to get an N64 controller working on the Xbox One. Mission accomplished.

It's not perfect — the rushed wiring means the inputs occasionally get a little crazy — but for the most part, it works just fine!

Why would you do such a thing? Well, with the Rare Replay Collection coming up, they figured an actual N64 controller was the best way to experience the N64 games in the pack.



      Because :P

      (I'm joking. No idea why either. More like 'why not' I guess.)

      C-buttons 4 Life? Give me an XBOX One controller with GameCube triggers and then we'll talk. =P

      Fun project to mess around with I guess.

        Ahhh, yes. I have a friend that hacks all these games, addsin stuff, gets them working on platforms they normally don't. And then...never plays them. He's more in it for the challenge than anything else.

        Scratch the XB1 controller, just make it a Gamecube controller.

        I'm in the minority that didn't like the N64 controller I guess. I think it was actually pretty poorly designed with needing to completely change the way you held it depending on whether you were using the analogue stick or digital pad. The 6 face buttons were nice though...love me controllers with 6 face buttons. Kinda bummed no modern consoles have them anymore and they stick to only 4.

        The GC controller however is probably the best game controller ever made.

          I didn't hate the N64 controller but it certainly lacks the refinement later controller had. You've got to keep in mind that it's flaws are in hindsight. The PS1 was stuck using what was pretty much a SNES pad for 3D because it didn't even try. The N64 controller is borderline unusable on 3D games now.
          I've got to admit thatas much as I love the GameCube controller it too has flaws, C-nub isn't good enough at all, but those flaws don't really matter when ever game worth playing that requires a GameCube controller is absolutely brilliant.

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      Well, with the Rare Replay Collection coming up, they figured an actual N64 controller was the best way to experience the N64 games in the pack.

    Pretty cool, pretty easy. Only tough bits would be getting the potentiometers matched and in converting the analogue inputs to digital. It'll be good enough, but the gc controller would probably be a nice half way point.

    Here's a steering wheel and three pedal setup running Mario kart 8:


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      I don't think the 64 controller used potentiometers, pretty sure it had optical encoders which may possibly have already done digital outputs? It's been a while since I looked it up, back when I pulled one apart to try and see why they get all loose and stuff.

        You are right, the 64 uses light shutters. The Xbox controller uses pots, so the signal still has to be converted. I was referring to those.

        The trigger buttons are what has to be converted from digital to analogue.

        Again, a bit awkward but not too hard. The GC controller solved both of these issues.

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