Neat Way To Make Some Gold In World Of Warcraft's New Zone

Neat Way To Make Some Gold In World of Warcraft's New Zone

Tanaan Jungle, the new max level zone of Draenor in World of Warcraft, is full of loot. There are all sorts of goodies, and you can find all kind of hidden treasure in every corner. But there's one particular item that goes around 15-45k gold on the Auction House right now: The "Medallion of the Legion".

No wonder it's worth a lot on the Auction House: Using it gives 1000 reputation points for all eight Draenor factions. And gaining reputation with some of these factions is actually really hard right now (looking at you Sha'tari Defence). The item's also affected by every reputation modifier including the human trait, the Darkmoon buff you can get during the Darkmoon Faire, and the Level 3 Trading Post's 20 per cent bonus. So using a bunch of them is a powerful way to get to exalted with all the factions really fast. But if you don't need the reputation points, you can sell it for tons of gold.

The item is dropped by four Rares: Vengeance, Terrorfist, Doomroller and Deathtalon. According to Wowhead the drop rate is around 25-30 per cent (possibly it's a bit lower), and you can only get it on the first kill each day.

YouTuber Asmongold made a guide for farming the medallion with a few extra tips and locations maps:

The patch's still fresh but be sure to check the Auction House. If prices for the medallion are down already, it might be more effective to simply just farm Felblight. Or just go back to do dailies.


    And now because Kotaku has put this out as a news item, Blizzard will nerf the drop rate to extremely low levels because if there's a way to make gold, Blizzard will remove it. They want us buying tokens for gold now, not making it.

    Last edited 01/07/15 10:26 am

      Blizzard knows about this. They purposely didnt put a BoP on the thing do that it can sell for such large amounts on the AH.
      From a business model standpoint, Blizz wants the tokens to be sold out as often as possible. This means people will be likely to buy more to sell for gold.

      Really think anyone at Blizzard cares about or even looks at Kotaku? The MEdallion is discussed ad nauseam on anyway.

        They do take notice of Kotaku US, not AU.

      But that token requires players to have gold to buy it from players with money.

      They want people making gold or those tokens won't be purchased off the AH, and that means people will be stuck with them.

        Hahahaha! You think Blizzard cares about if the tokens sell or not? Once they have your money, they don't give a shit about what happens to the tokens. If they sit around in someone's account then great! More money for Blizzard

          You see that's just dumb thinking, if they don't sell for gold people won't buy them for dollars.

          Blizzard want them to be sold, it keeps people playing longer if they can just dump their gold into game time. Blizzard make more money per token than they do per a monthly subscription, they want it to be a successful commodity because it's more money for them.

    How about you guys learn some basic economics, no one is making any money, money is being moved from one account to another.

      When someone is paying an extra $5 for a token than what a month of game time is worth, Blizzard is making a shit tonne of money.

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