New Dragon Quest Looks Like Minecraft

New Dragon Quest Looks Like Minecraft

Today, Square Enix announced a new Dragon Quest spin-off title. It's called Dragon Quest Builders and looks like Minecraft.

There's not much info on the game yet, but according to 4Gamer, you can construct what you like and the game's genre is a "block-building RPG." Hrm...

The game is slated for a winter release in Japan. No idea yet on an international release or why exactly, other than a cash grab, this was made. But hey, blocks!

New Dragon Quest Looks Like Minecraft

Dragon Quest Builders is headed for the PS4, the PS3, and the PS Vita, and damn, it really looks like Minecraft.

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    Ugh, WHY? It looks like a bad Pimp My Ride joke.

    Meh, there are plenty of MineCraft clones everywhere. Only difference is DQB is gonna be an awesome clone game

      Right? This will be some legit gaming comfort food, and I shall revel in it.

    Hopefully there's multiplayer as this looks like a fun spin off. Could work.

    Blergh... Diluting the good name/game of Dragon Quest with a voxel builder spin-off.. wonderful cash in Square... hope it falls flat on its face (or ass, I don't mind) and they never do this again with one of their existing and loved franchises.

    Last edited 09/07/15 8:36 am

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